Interested in studying at the Kinneret Academic College?

    MA program in Tourism and Hotel Management

    About the program

    The program is built in two versions: a two-year program which is studied one full day per week (Monday for year 1 and Wednesday for Year 2), or a one-year program that can be studied two full days a week. A year comprises two semesters between October and June. The program is without a thesis but requires a supervised final project.

    All of the courses are single-semester courses; frontal lectures (‘lessons’) are two hours per week (2 credits), and the seminar is four hours per week (4 credits). In addition, each student submits a supervised project paper (during the final semester)—also 4 credits.

    The total of required credits is 40 (equivalent to 20 annual hours), of which 32 credits are compulsory courses and 8 credits are electives. The 32 compulsory course credits are divided as follows: 24 credits for lessons, 4 credits for a seminar, and 4 credits for the final project.

    The program also includes up to seven online ‘completion’ courses (two hours per week), concentrated on Tuesday afternoon and evening over two semesters. These courses are designated for students with incomplete tourism background from their B.A. degree, and do not grant credits. The requirement for completion courses is considered on an individual basis. Students must complete these courses before or during their first year in parallel to the M.A. courses.

    The curriculum includes a wide variety of learning activities including: course lectures, professional fieldtrips at tourism sites and hotels, workshops and simulations, preparation and presentation of projects, meetings with senior executives in the tourism industry, participation in seminars and conferences and a final project.

    The learning experience

    The postgraduate program in Tourism and Hotel Management is comprised of an international cohort of students from Israel and many other countries. The international atmosphere is well suited to the studied topics of globalization and management strategies.

    The college is in a perfect location for tourism studies—on the southern shores of the Sea of Galilee, where students can live the practice daily and discover the world of tourism from unfamiliar angles.

    At Kinneret Academic College, students in the M.A. program in Tourism and Hotel Management receive much more than ordinary education. We pride ourselves on creating a unique, exciting environment that embraces all types of learners and promotes academic and personal growth. Students are welcomed into a dynamic and supportive community.

    The department’s senior faculty expose students to cutting edge knowledge of scientific research in the field, combining theory with current practice in the tourism and hotel industry. The program includes diverse, engaging and relevant courses, as well as many fieldtrips and guest lectures by senior people in the industry from Israel and beyond. The department also incorporates participation in academic conferences and social activities, for students to enjoy a unique and enjoyable learning experience.

    Studying Tourism and Hotel Management at Kinneret Academic College is your key to a rewarding, international and dynamic management career.