Daskal Efrat

Senior lecturer,

Communication, School of Social Sciences and Humanities
B.A. in Communication

Areas of Expertise

media law and policy, digital policy, ethics

Selected Courses

Communication Laws in Israel””

“Quantitative Research Methods I”

Additional Roles

Member at the center for Promotion of Learning and Teaching

Selected Publications

Daskal, E., (2020). Advocacy as education: The educational activities of digital rights advocates. In M.   Hoechsmann, S. R. Poyntz, D. Frau-Meigs, M. Pathak-Shelat and S. Kotilainen (Eds.). Handbook on Media Education Research. IAMCR Handbook Series publications.

Daskal, E. Wentrup, R., Shefet, D. (2020). Taming the Internet trolls with an Internet ombudsman: Regulating social media? Internet and Policy. 

Daskal, E. (2019). The battle over the living room: Constructing an accountable culture. In T. Eberwein, S. Fengler and M. Karmasin (Eds.). Media Accountability in the Era of Post-Truth Politics: European Challenges and Perspectives. Routledge – ECREA.

Daskal, E., (2017). The Israeli Digital Rights Movement’s campaign for privacy. Internet Policy Review, 6(3).

Daskal, E., (2017). Let’s be careful out there…: How digital rights advocates educate citizens. Information, Communication and Society, 21(2), 241 –256.


I research media and digital policy, but more of a believer in activism and public participation than in traditional regulation. Believe that through good education and communication, one can (slightly) change the world.

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