Dr. Bat Katzman

Head of Education & Family Division, Department of Multi-Disciplinary Studies,

School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Education and Community B.A, Interdisciplinary Studies B.A

Areas of Expertise

social support in on-line communication focus on family WhatsApp
Family exchange of social support
Social and emotional aspects of learning and teaching

Selected Courses

Ideology, Politics, Society and Education policy.
Group dynamics,
Ethics and social responsibility in Education/
Seminar in Moral perceptions in the family, and education.
Seminar in Community communication.
Social and emotional development in the education system

Additional Roles


Selected Publications

Bar-Tur, L., Ifrah, K., Moore, D., Katzman, B. (2019). Exchange of emotional support, emotional bond between adult children and parents and the children’s well-being. Journal of Child and Family Studies, Volume 28, 5, pp 1250–1262.

Katzman, B. (2008). Intermediate results of treatment in elder abuse. Social Work school in the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Advisor: Prop Litwin, H

Kaplan, G., Galser, S. & Katzman, B. (2008). Social coordination. Gertner Instetute

Katzman, B. & Litwin, H. (2002). Defending Elder people in Herzliya and preventing violence against them. National insurance Institute.

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