Dr. Zandberg Eyal

Lecturer ,

Areas of Expertise

Media, Popular Culture, Collective Memory

Selected Publications

Zandberg, E. (2015). “Ketchup is the Auschwitz of the Tomatoes”: Humor and Collective Memory of Traumatic Events. Communication, Culture and Critique 8(1): 108-123.

Zandberg, E., Meyers, O & Neiger, M. (2012) Past continuous: Newsworthiness and the Shaping of Collective Memory. Critical Studies in Media Communication, 29(1): 65-79.

Neiger, M. Meyers, O. & Zandberg, E. (2011). Tuned to the Nation’s Mood: Popular Music as a Mnemonic Cultural Object. Media, Culture & Society 33(7): 971-988

Neiger, M. Zandberg, E. & Meyers M (2010). Communicating Critique: Towards a Conceptualization of Journalistic Criticism, Communication Culture & Critique 3(3): 377-395.

Zandberg, E. (2010). The right to tell the (right) story: Journalism, authority and memory. Media, Culture & Society 32(1): 5-24.

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