Sybil Heilborn

Professor Sibylle Heilbrunn

Dean, School of Social Sciences and Humanities,

Dean of Students Office, School of Social Sciences and Humanities
B.A. in Behavioral Sciences, Education and Community B.A, HR Management B.A

Areas of Expertise

Organizational Sociology, Entrepreneurship in High-Tech Ecosystems, Entrepreneurship of Migrants and Minorities, Migration Studies

Selected Courses

Multiculturalism and Migration: Ethnic, National and Gender Issues

Social Cohesion in Heterogenic Societies.

Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses: Economic, Business and Social Aspects

Additional Roles

PI Overcoming the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Gender Divide: A Cross-Cultural Perspective. Horizon 2020 Framework GENDER-NET Plus Joint Call on Gender and UN Sustainable Development Goals UpToEurope2

Representative for Israel, EU COST Program (European Cooperation in Science & Technology).  Subject: COST Action CA16111, International Ethnic and Immigrant Minorities’ Survey Data Network

Member of Editorial and Review Board, European Journal of International Management.

Member of Editorial Team, International Journal of Entrepreneurship Behaviour & Research.

Selected Publications

Heilbrunn, S., Freiling, J. & Harima, A. (Eds.) (2018. Refugee entrepreneurship: A case-based topography. Basingstoke United Kingdom, Palgrave MacMillan.
Heilbrunn, S. and Iannone, R.L. (2019). Neoliberalist undercurrents in entrepreneurship policy? Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies.
Heilbrunn, S. (2019). Against all odds: Refugees “bricoleuring” in the void. International Journal of Entrepreneurship Behavior & Research.
Heilbrunn, S., Rabin, N., & Rozenes, S. (2017) Detecting mutual configurations of applied planning strategies and performances in small and medium sized businesses with kernel based machine learning method. Applied Soft Computing, 61, 1211- 1225.
Heilbrunn, S., Itzkovitch, Y. & Weinberg, C. (2017). Perceived feasibility and desirability of entrepreneurship in institutional contexts in transition. Entrepreneurship Research Journal, 7(4), pp 1 – 10.
Kushnirovich, N., Heilbrunn, S., & Davidovitch, L. (2017). Diversity of entrepreneurial perceptions: Immigrants vs. native population. European Management Review. 15(3), 341-355.

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