Dr. Karnit MalkaTiv


School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Education and Community B.A, Interdisciplinary Studies B.A

Areas of Expertise

Education Law
criminal law
Real Estate
Tax offenses

Selected Courses

Introduction to Penal Law
Forensic science in Israel
Legal aspects of the family and the education system
Labor and Employment Law

Selected Publications

1. Karnit Malka, criminal liability of managers – when financial difficulties and personal circumstances prevent the conviction of the manager ?, Taxes 26/ 2 87 (April 2012).
2. Karnit Malka, Taxation of the “tips” Esther Cohen ruling- is it for the best of the waiters and the public? Taxes 27/4 A-21 (August-2013).
3. Karnit Malka, about the death of the combined calculation – is it correct that a historic law is being enacted? Taxes 27/6 A-1 (December-2013).
4. Karnit Malka Tiv, Real Estate Organization – Reflections Following the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Gazit Globe ruling, Taxes 32/1 A-1 (March-2018).
5. Karnit Malka Tiv, not on the tip alone – thoughts on tips taxation, Taxes 32/3 A-1 (September 2018)

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