Doctor Noam Weinberg


School of Engineering
Gas and Petroleum Energy Engineering B.Sc

Areas of Expertise

Combustion of Fuel Sprays
Fluid Mechanics
Heat and Mass Transfer
History of Science and Technology

Selected Courses

Fluid Mechanics
Solid Mechanics
Laboratory in Fluid Mechanics

Selected Publications

N. Weinberg and J.B. Greenberg,
“Linear Stability Analysis of Laminar Premixed Fuel-Rich Double-Spray Flames”, International Journal of Spray and Combustion Dynamics, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 87-112, March 2014.

N. Weinberg and J.B. Greenberg, “On Blow-Out and Lift-Off of Laminar Jet Spray Diffusion Flames”, Combustion Science and Technology, Vol. 188, Issue 11-12, pp. 1760-1776, October 2016.

N. Weinberg and J. B. Greenberg,
“Polydisperse Effects in Jet Spray Flames”, Combustion Theory and Modelling, Vol. 22, No. 1, pp. 71-90, February 2018.

N. Weinberg and J. B. Greenberg, “An Investigation of the Behavior of Steady-State Laminar Jet Spray Flames”, International Journal of Turbo & Jet-Engines, in press (available online).

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