Doctor Uzi Freund-Feinstein


School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Tourism and Hotel Management B.A

Areas of Expertise

Transportation and Tourism
Air Transport Management
Service Quality Management

Selected Courses

Introduction to Transportation and Tourism
Air Transportation
Aviation Policy and Economy in a Global Era
Service Quality Management
Field Surveys in Tourism Research
Regional Tourism Research Campus (Urban Tourism)
Dark Tourism

Additional Roles

Disciplinary Committee Member

Selected Publications

Freund-Feinstein, U. and Bekhor, S. (2017) “Airline itinerary choice in a dynamic supply environment: Results from a stated preference survey”. Journal of Spatial Organizational Dynamics. Vol. V(4) (December 2017), Pp. 400-424.

Freund-Feinstein, U. and Bekhor, S. (2017) “An airline itinerary choice model that includes the option to delay the decision”. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Vol. 96 (February 2017), Pp, 64-78. (DOI:

Bekhor, S. and Freund-Feinstein, U. (2006) “Modeling Passengers’ Preferences on a Short-Haul Domestic Airline with Rank-Ordered Data”. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Vol. 1951, Pp. 1-6. (DOI:

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