Doctor Alon Lotan

School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Land of Israel Studies B.A, Land of Israel studies M.A

Selected Publications

Peer reviewed publications

Raviv, O., Izhaki, I., Zemah Shamir, S., & Lotan, A. (2021). The effect of wildfire and land-cover changes on the monetary value of ecosystem services in Mt. Carmel biosphere reserve, Israel. Ecosystem Services.

Raviv, O., Tchetchik, A., Lotan, A., Izhaki, I., & Shamir, S. Z. (2021). Direct and indirect valuation of air-quality regulation service as reflected in the preferences towards distinct types of landscape in a biosphere reserve. Ecological Economics180, 106835.

Raviv, O., Zemah Shamir, S., Izhaki, I., Sagie, H., Negev, M., Mazor-Tregerman, M., Collins-Kreiner, N., Mansfeld, Y., & Lotan, A. (2020). The socioeconomic value of multiple ecosystem types as a baseline for one holistic conservation plan. Ecosystem Services, 41, 101043.

Negev, M., Sagie, H., Orenstein, D., Zemah Shamir, S., Hassan, Y., Amasha, H., Raviv, O., Fares, N., Lotan, A., Peled, Y., Wittenberg, L. & Izhaki, I. (2019). Using the Ecosystem Services Framework for Defining Diverse Human-Nature Relationships in a Multi-Ethnic Biosphere Reserve. Ecosystem Services, 39, 100989.

Lotan, A., Kost, R., Mandelik, Y., Peled, Y., Chakuki, D., Shamir, S. Z., & Ram, Y. (2018). National scale mapping of ecosystem services in Israel–genetic resources, pollination and cultural services. One Ecosystem, 3, e25494.

Burkhard, B., Maes J., Potschin-Young M., Santos-Martín F., Geneletti D., Stoev P., Kopperoinen L., …, Lotan A., … & Zulian G. (2018). Mapping and assessing ecosystem services in the EU -Lessons learned from the ESMERALDA approach of integration. One Ecosystem, 3, e29153.

Lotan, A. & Izhaki, I. (2013). Could abiotic environment shape fleshy fruit traits? A study of the desert shrub Ochradenus baccatus. Journal of Arid Environments, 92: 34-41.

Samuni-Blank, M., Izhaki I., Dearing M.D., Gerchman Y., Trabelcy B., Lotan A., Karasov W.H., & Arad Z. (2012). Intraspecific directed deterrence by the mustard oil bomb in a desert plant. Current Biology, 22: 1-3.

Palevsky, E., Lotan, A. & Gerson, U. (2010). Evaluation of Eutetranychus palmatus (Acari: Tetranychidae) as a pest of date palms in Israel. Israel Journal of Plant Sciences, 58: 43-51.

Bronstein, J. L., Izhaki, I., Nathan, R., Tewksbury, J., Spiegel, O., Lotan, A., & Altstein, O. (2007). Fleshy-fruited plants and frugivores in desert ecosystems. in A. Dennis, R. Green, E. Schupp, and D. Westcott, (editors). Seed dispersal: theory and its application in a changing world (pp. 148-177). CABI International, Oxfordshire, UK.

Non-peer reviewed publications

Lotan, A., Grosbard, S., Safriel, U., & Feitelson, E. (Eds.). (2019). Israel National Ecosystem Assessment, Key Findings Report. Hamaarag – Israel’s National Nature Assessment Program. The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History. Tel-Aviv University. (in Hebrew). 

Lotan, A., Safriel, U., & Feitelson, E. (Eds.). (2017). Israel National Ecosystem Assessment, Interim Report. Hamaarag – Israel’s National Nature Assessment Program. The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History. Tel-Aviv University. (in Hebrew).

Lotan, A., Reuveni, H., Rotem, D., Gofer, N., Bar-Ilan, B., & Hakima-Koniak, G. (2015). Prioritizing Ecosystem Services in the Ramat Menashe Biosphere Region in cooperation with the local communities. Proceeding of Nekudat Hen Conference 13: 7-13. (In Hebrew).

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