Doctor Alona Shachter


School of Engineering

Areas of Expertise

Analytical and organic chemistry

Selected Courses


Additional Roles

Research Engineer in the Agricaltural research organization, Volcani center

Selected Publications

1. Dudai, N., Naharan, O., Bernstine, N., Shachter, A., Rud, R.,and Chaimovitsh, D. (2017)
Reduction of visible chilling injury in sweet basil (Ocimum basilicumL.)
using artificial illumination. Journal of Applied Research on Medicinal
and Aromatic Plants 6 : 15-21.

2. Dudai, N., Shachter, A., Satyal, P. and Setzer, W.N.. (2017)
Chemical Composition and Monoterpenoid Enantiomeric Distribution of
The Essential Oils from Apharsemon (Commiphora gileadensis).
Medicines (Basel). 2017 12;4(3)

3. Chaimovitsh, D., Shachter, A., Abu-Abied, M., Rubin B., Sadot E., and Dudai, N.. (2017)
Herbicidal Activity of Monoterpenes Is Associated with Disruption of
Microtubule Functionality and Membrane Integrity
Weed Science. 2017 65:19-30

4. Sadeh, D., Nitzan, N., Shachter, A., Chaimovitsh, D., Dudau, N., and Ghanim, M. (2017)
Whitefly attraction to rosemary (Rosmarinus officinialis L.) is associated
with volatile composition and quantity. PLOS one: 1-18.

5. Dudai, N., Tsion, I., Zemah Shamir, S., Nitzan, N., Chaimoviitsh, D., Shachter, A. and Haim A. (2018)
Agronomic and economic evaluation of Vetiver grass (Vetiveria
Zizanioides L.) as means for phytoremediation of diesel polluted soils in
Journal of Environmental Management 211: 247-255.
6. Sadeh, D., Nitzan, N., Shachter, A., Ghanim M., and Dudai, N. (2018)
Rosemary–Whitefly Interaction: A Continuum of Repellency and Volatile
Combinations. Journal of Economic Entomology 375 : 1-9.

7. נבון ש., קיגל ח., גלסר א., דודאי נ., ואונגר דוד י., (2018) *
האם לאוכלי צמחים ישנן העדפות בין פרטים שכנים של אותו מין שיח בחורש? המקרה של העז ואלת המסטיק. * אקולוגיה וסביבה 9(4): 42-49

8. Dudai, N., Carp, M.J., Milavski, R., Chaimovitsh, D., Shachter, A., Baruch, K., Ronene, G. and Gonda, I. (2018)
High-quality assembly of sweet basil genome. Preprint bioRxiv.

9. Dudai, N., Li, G., Shachter, A., Belanger, F., and Chaimovitsh, D (2018)
Heredity of phenylpropenes in sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum L.)
chemotypes and their distribution within an F2 population.
Plant Breed 137: 443-449.

10. * Taha-Salaime, L., Davidovich-Riyanati, R., Sadeh, A., Abu-Nassar, J., Marzouk-Kheredin, S., Yahyaa, Y., Ibdah, M., Ghanim, M., Lewinsohn, E., Inbar.M., Aly, R. (2018) ACS Omega 4,2369-2376.

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