Professor Haim Aviram

Head of Economic Unit,

School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Interdisciplinary Studies B.A

Areas of Expertise

Transportation Economics
Urban Economics

Selected Courses

Urban and Regional Economics
Transportation Economics
Seminar in Social Economics

Additional Roles

Chair, Appointment Committee
Chair, Committee of Academic Ethics

Selected Publications

1. Asaf Kohane, Yoram Shiftan and Haim Aviram* (2015), The Impact of Accessibility on Real Estate Prices in the North of Israel, Traffic and Transportation 114, pp. 18-20.
2. Haim Aviram* (2010), Economic Assessment of Mass Transit , Traffic and Transportation 95, pp. 39-41. . Impact factor – none
3. Daniel Shefer, Haim Aviram (2005), Incorporating agglomeration economies in transport cost-benefit analysis: The case of the proposed light-rail transit in the Tel-Aviv metropolitan area, Papers in Regional Science 84, pp. 487-507. Impact factor – 1.012
4. Haim Aviram (1992), Using Traffic Assignment with Background Volumes to Estimate Diverted Traffic: The Case of Barbados, Traffic and Transportation 32. . Impact factor – none
5. Haim Aviram (2018), Free Public Transport – Whether and where, Traffic and Transportation 120.

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