Doctor Ram Bouchnick

Adjunct Lecturer, department of land of Israel Studied and archaeology, Kinneret College.,

School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Land of Israel Studies B.A

Areas of Expertise

Ethnicity and ancient culture through the archaeological lens.
Expressions of religious injunctions (such as taboo) in ancient material culture.

Selected Courses

Introduction to Ecology
Introduction to Archaezoology
Natural Science and Archaeology
Man and Desert

Selected Publications

1 – Bouchnick, R. 2018. Stocking or Abandonment: Wild Boar Remains Deposited in an Early
Islamic Context (Accumulation 2626) at Tel Ḥevron. Judea and Samaria Research Studies 27(1):59-75.

2 – Bouchnick, R. 2017. Changes in Meat dissection pattern in Late Second Temple Judea as a
cultural Roman marker on Jewish ritual cuisine. Michmanim 26:43-56 Haifa University (Hebrew).

3 – Bouchnick, R. 2017. Chapter 15: Analysis of the faunal remains In: Eisenberg, E., and Ben-Shlomo, D. eds. The Tel Ḥevron 2014 Excavations. Final Report. Ariel University Institute of Archaeology Monograph Series, Number 1. Ariel: Ariel University Press.

4 – Bouchnick, R. 2016. Meat Consumption Patterns as an Ethnic Marker in the Late Second Temple Period: Comparing the Jerusalem City Dump and Qumran Assemblages. In N. Marom, R. Yeshurun and G. Bar-Oz (eds.) Bones and Identity: Zooarchaeological Approaches to Reconstructing Social and Cultural Landscapes in Southwest Asia, Proceedings of the 11th Conference of the International Council of Archaeozoology. Oxford, Oxbow Books.

5 – Bouchnick, R. 2015. Chapter 16: Finds of animal remains from the excavation on the Northern slope of Herodium (Area A), 2006-2010. In: Porat, R. Chachy, R. and Kalman, Y. eds. Herodium: Final reports 1972-2010 excavations Directed by Ehud Netzer. Volume I: Herod’s tomb precinct. Jerusalem, pp. 476-503.

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