Dr. Eman Tarabh


School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Interdisciplinary Studies B.A

Areas of Expertise

Social emotional aspects among adolescents
Reading disability – dyslexia

Selected Courses

Introduction to Education Theory
Classroom climate management
Teaching methods and learning skills
Academic writing
Education and culture in Arab society
Social emotional development in the education system
Emotional and behavioral difficulties of children within the family

Additional Roles

Lecturer in the Western Galilee Education Department
Lecturer in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Open University
High School teacher at Taha Hussein and lead the Unique Program.
Member of the steering committee for the Mitzvah tests.
Member, Monitoring Committee on Arab Education.
Director of empowerment programs and workshops at self-discovery

Selected Publications

• טרביה ,א.,אבו רביעה ,ס.(2017). כשירות חברתית, תחושת בדידות ודימוי עצמי בקרב מתבגרות ומתבגרים ערבים עם לקות קריאה ,סחי”ש, אוניברסיטת חיפה.
• Tarabia, E., Abu-Rabia, S.(2016).Social competence , sense of loneliness and self image among reading disabled (RD) Arab adolescents. Creative Educational Journal 7, pp 1292 – 1313.
• Tarabia, E., Abu-Rabia, S. Social competence and self-image among Arab (middle and high) school adolescents with reading disability. Journal of Learning Disabilities (Under review).
• Tarabia, E., Abu-Rabia, S, Contribution of socio-emotional support to Arab (middle and high) school adolescents with reading disabilities. Disability & Society (Under review

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