Doctor Reuven Gafni

Head of the Department, Land of Israel Studies,

School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Interdisciplinary Studies B.A, Land of Israel Studies B.A, Land of Israel studies M.A

Areas of Expertise

A Historian and Historical-Geographer, Dr. Gafni`s main areas of research include the urban, demographic and social development of Jerusalem in modern times; The design and development of the of the Jewish settlement map modern Eretz-Israel; The study of synagogues in Israel in the 20th century; And the connections between Judaism, nationalism and statehood in the Land of Israel and the State of Israel.

Selected Courses

1. Jerusalem from ancient times to the 21st century (A Regional Course)
2. Sacred landscapes: Religion and cult in Eretz-Israel in modern times
3. Synagogues in Eretz-Israel in the modern period: Religion, culture and nationalism
4. Between Gaza and Peqi`in : The Jewish settlement map in Eretz-Israel in the 19th century
5. The evolution of modern Jerusalem in the 19th century
6. Religion and Nationalism in Eretz-Israel in the 20th century
7. Sports In Eretz-Israel in the 20th century: Society, Culture, Nationalism

Selected Publications

A. Authored Books
1. Under the dome of the nation: The shaping of Hebrew nationalism in Eretz-Israel Synagogues during the British Mandate period, The Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel & Zionism, Ben-Gurion university of the Negev [Hebrew, 350 p.]
2. A Jewish Community in an Arab Town: Beit She`an 1890-1936, Magnes Press, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem 2018 [Hebrew, 220 p.]

B. Edited Books
1. The Hurva: six hundred years of Jewish settlement in Jerusalem (new Studies with the rebuilding of the Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem), Yad Ben-Zvi, Jerusalem 2009, (together with Prof. David Cassuto and Dr. Aryeh Morgenstern) [Hebrew, 314 p.]
2. High Above All: The Tiferet Israel Synagogue and the Hassidic Community in Jerusalem (together with Uriel Gelman and Yochai Ben Gedalia) [Hebrew, 280 p.]

Selected papers and articles:

1. “A Jewish doctor in an Arab town: Dr. Olga Feinberg and her activities in Jericho during the British Mandate Period”, Korot: The Israeli Journal of the History of Medicine and Science, 24 (2017-2018), pp. 69-87 [Hebrew]
2. “A Siddur fitted for our times: The Story of the Rinat Israel Siddur – Concept, Content and Influence”, Alei Sefer, 28 (2018), Bar Ilan University, pp. 175-210 [Hebrew]
3. Jews Between Borders: The Jewish Presence in Samakh in the first half of the 20th century”, New Researches of the Galilee, 3 (2018), Tel-Hai Academic College, pp. 9-28 [Hebrew]
4. Jews. Arabs and Jews again in the Shamma`a neighborhood in Jerusalem, 1900-1970″, Cathedra, 161 (October 2016), pp. 85-116
5. “The Jurat-El-Anab neighborhood as a reflection of historical and geographical changes in the heart of Jerusalem during the years 1892-1967” Horizons in Geography, 84 (2013), Haifa University, pp. 24-40 [Hebrew]
6. “Public Prayer and Its Significance at the Hebrew University, 1917–1948”, Cathedra, 147 (April 2013), pp. 149-168 [Hebrew]
7. “Memory, Economy and Ideology: On the meaning of Synagogue names in Jerusalem”, These are the Names, 5 (2011), bar Ilan university, pp. 49-56 [Hebrew]
8. ” `On Sabbath Eve Satan Came to Kfar Yehezkel’: The Conflict over the Establishment of a Synagogue in a Socialist Village (1924–1928)” cathedra, 130 (January 2009), Yad Ben-Zvi, pp. 75-102 (together with Roni Yavin) [Hebrew]
9. “Between Neighborhoods and Towns: on the Halachic approach and geographical awareness in the first Jerusalem neighborhoods”, Horizons in Geography, 71 (2008), University of Haifa, pp. 5-21[Hebrew]

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