Dr. Itamar Rickover


School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Interdisciplinary Studies B.A

Areas of Expertise

strategy and national security, terrorism and guerilla warfare, interactions between the military echelon and the political echelon, Gender and Negotiations Style, Strategic Culture

Selected Courses

Israel’s foreign and security policy
Civilian Military Relations in Israel

Additional Roles

During the Knesset elections: instructor in the Knesset`s Central Election Committee.
CEO – The Association of Civil-Military studies in Israel.
Lecturer at Bar-Ilan University in the field of security studies.
With great pleasure (volunteering), helps a number of students prepare for Matriculation exams in the citizenship.

Selected Publications

Rickover, Itamar (2018) “Gender and Negotiations Style in Israeli Politics”. Journal Politika – special issue The Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations: Jerusalem. (Hebrew).

Rickover, Itamar (2019 Accepted) “The Roots of Israeli Strategic Culture” In Vladimir Sazonov and Holger Mölder (ed.) Cultural Crossroads in the East Middle – Historical, Cultural and Political Legacy of Intercultural Dialogue and Conflict from Ancient Near East to Present Days. Studia Orientalia Tartuensia: Series Nova.

Rickover, Itamar (2019 Accepted) “The impact of the bureaucratic-organizational dynamics on Political-strategic planning and the assessment of national intelligence”, Shaul Shai and Ron Katari (eds.), Published by the Israel Intelligence Heritage & Commemoration Center. (Hebrew).

Rickover, Itamar (2013) “The Roots of Israeli Strategic Culture” in Gabi Shefer and Meir Elran (eds.) Rlations Between the Military Echelon and the Political Echelon, published by INSS: Israel. (Hebrew).

Rickover, Itamar (2013) “The Centrality of the Military Echelon in Intelligence Assessments and Political-Strategic Planning: Materialist and Cultural Explanations”, The relations between sectors in society and the Israeli security organization, in Gabi Shefer and Meir Elran (eds.) published by INSS: Israel. (Hebrew).
Other articles (in collections or non-refereed journals)

Rickover, Itamar (2016) “Between the sweat of the worker and the blood of the warrior – the roots of Israeli strategic culture”, Marahot 648: Published by the Ministry of Defense, pp. 82-89. (Hebrew).

Rickover, Itamar (2013) abstract of a PhD dissertation in Israelis – A Multidisciplinary Journal for the Study of Israel and Zionism, Ben Gurion University in the Negev: Beer Sheva. (Hebrew).

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