Doctor Ziv Moreno


Academic Staff
Water Industry Engineering B.Sc

Areas of Expertise

CO2 capillary trapping
Stochastic hydrology
Contaminant transport in porous medium
Vadose zone and groundwater hydrology
Soil science

Selected Courses

Introduction to subsurface hydrology

Additional Roles

Postdoctoral Researcher, School of Mechanical Engineering, Tel Aviv University

Selected Publications

Moreno Z. and A. Paster (2019), A Genetic Algorithm for Stochastic Inversion in Contaminant Subsurface Hydrology, Groundwater,

Moreno Z. and A. Paster (2018), Prediction of pollutant remediation in a heterogeneous aquifer in Israel: Reducing uncertainty by incorporating lithological, head and concentration data. Journal of Hydrology, 564, 651-666.

Moreno, Z. and A. Paster (2017), Prediction of Remediation of a Heterogeneous Aquifer: A Case Study, Groundwater, 55, 428-439.

Winters G., Ryvkin I., Rudkov T., Moreno Z., Furman A. (2015), Mapping underground layers in the super arid Gidron Wadi using electrical resistivity tomography (ERT), Journal of Arid Environments, 121, 79-83.

Moreno Z., Arnon-Zur A., Furman A. (2015), Hydro-geophysical monitoring of orchard root zone dynamics in semi-arid region, Irrigation Science, 33(4), 303-318.

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