Interested in studying at the Kinneret Academic College?

    A few words from the Dean of Achi Racov School of Engineering

    The principal aim of the School of Engineering is to train engineers in defined areas of high-tech industries and of infrastructure industries in Israel. With the help of experts from the academy and from industry we have devised five 4-year B.Sc. study programs.

    The programs include: a solid base in foundation sciences, engineering sciences, the core subjects in each field and courses which introduce the students to topics in the fields of: economics, management, entrepreneurship and innovation, in cooperation with industry.

    Based on my experience gained during my years as dean of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Technion, as head of the Grand Water Research Institute of the Technion, and as president of the Israel Water Association, I know that an excellent engineering program and excellent teachers are not enough.

    As a result, we built a framework for the students of the School of Engineering, which includes: a support and mentoring system which helps them and is available to them throughout their studies; a unique scholarship system for engineering students that can be worth NIS 30,000 for the four years of their studies; small classes and individual attention – all provided within a framework of “studying without pressure” – in financial terms. In other words, they are able to devote most of their time and energy to their studies. This is provided in collaboration with the student deanship at the college. Graduates are well integrated in industry, and their professional training is highly appreciated.

    The school’s academic and administrative personnel are conscious of the fact that we place our students at the center. We are available to the students, to help them with any problem: whether academic, financial or social.

    Over the years, the School of Engineering has developed, and continues to nurture, relations with industry. This cooperation is one of the School of Engineering’s strengths.

    We have established an industrial academic advisory council which includes heads of industry and the economy. The council supports the school, the study programs and the school’s ties with industry. We strive to enable all students to be exposed to industry during the course of their studies, in terms of work or, in their fourth years, a final project in industry. We also encourage experts from industry to teach at the school, and to contribute from their experience.

    The study departments at the school include:

    B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (4 years). The program focuses on computers and devices, and specifically on VLSI content. Specialization in high voltage power supply systems is also provided.

    B.Sc. in Software Engineering (4 years)

    B.Sc. in Quality and Reliability Engineering in the Electronics Industries

    B.Sc. in Water Industries Engineering (4 years). This is a unique program in Israel! This track is also offered as “a flexible track” which is designed for working people.

    B.Sc. in Gas and Petroleum Energy engineering (4 years). This is a unique program in Israel and is due to be recognized by the Council for Higher Education in the very near future.

    I wish all new students and continuing students a productive and successful school year, and I wish our graduates rapid absorption into industry and the Israeli economy.

    Best wishes,
    Prof. Abraham Shitzer
    Dean, School of Engineering