Interested in studying at the Kinneret Academic College?

    A few words from the Head of Department of Quality and Reliability Engineering

    Welcome to you all.

    There is a need for quality and reliability engineers in all sectors of the economy. These engineers work at various organizations on behalf of senior management. The role requires significant knowhow in engineering and supervision approaches, and understanding of quality, safety, hygiene, the environment, security and the community. There is a need for abilities to communicate with personnel, managers, customers and accreditation bodies in Israel and abroad.

    Studies for a recognized academic degree in this field, in Israel, are exclusively offered by the School of Engineering of Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee.

    The studies demand significant effort, both in terms of theory and also practical activities, but I believe that coping with challenges offers great satisfaction and status.

    If you consider yourself suitable for responsible work that requires system-wide vision, and involves working in a rapidly developing field, you are invited to join these special studies.

    Best wishes,
    Prof. Avner Halevy