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    Prof. Rafi Semiat

    Prof. Rafi Semiat

    About the International English Master’s program in Water Industry Engineering at Kinneret Academic College

    The State of Israel has recognized the fact that water is a fundamental commodity necessary for life. In the home, agriculture, landscape, nature and in fact in every aspect of our lives. Water is also the cheapest product on our planet, but without it, there would be no life. For many years, the State of Israel struggled with water shortages due to droughts and reckless water habits. Over the years, temporary solutions were advanced, ranging from water-saving campaigns, agriculture water distributions, water effluent recovery at various levels to seawater and brackish water desalination. Today, the country has mostly solved its water issue but we cannot afford to rest our laurels.

    Desalination in large quantities has helped improve the quality of treated effluent water by reducing the amount of salts in recycled water therefore improving the quality and amount of water necessary for irrigation. The development of drip irrigation which brings water close to the roots of a plant and sometimes below it, greatly improved water conservation. What followed was a significant savings in water consumption in agriculture and gardens and even lowered soil salinity. The country became green, increased its water levels and Israel is the only country in the world that has success in turning turned the desert green.

    But it’s not enough. The world around us is vulnerable and exposed to natural disasters and war alongside social prosperity without a solution. It’s in our interest and our duty to find a solution that on the one hand will adapt to the challenges that still exist in our country and on the other hand to aid our friends around the world integrate broad action, based on the Israeli experience, this is what motivated us to open our program. We developed a comprehensive program that will appeal to a diverse audience. We assembled excellent lecturers with research and industry experience who will educate and support you as you develop your career.

    Throughout the program, students will discover creative content relating to various water management challenges. Students will conduct a research project, to develop and explore innovative topics and solutions to challenges that have emerged over the years. The accessibility to extensive professional knowledge concentrated in Israel and at Kinneret Academic College in particular, to the local water industry as well as abroad, will empower mutual advancement of sustainable solutions.

    We would love to see you on our campus,

    Prof. Rafi Semiat

    Head of Program