The Academic Administration consolidates all matters at the intersection of administration and academia.

The aim is to define, develop and implement a horizontal academic management organizational strategy.

The Faculty Unit within the Academic Administration is responsible for providing a range of administrative services to the academic faculty, from the onboarding process, through the contracts, employment terms and academic rights stage up to the retirement stage. This unit is also responsible for the college teaching budget, for conducting the teaching assessment survey and for reports to the Council for Higher Education.

The Academic Administration is responsible for a variety of fields, among them: lecturer conferences, publishing the college course catalog, publishing the college procedures and rules and regulations, preparing and publishing the academic calendar, coordination between the disciplinary authorities, and providing service to students, from registration through degree eligibility and degree completion, recognition of prior academic studies, approval of special exam dates, planning and management of the exam system, issuing approvals, etc.

The following units report to the Academic Administration: Faculty Unit, Exam Unit and Status and Approvals Unit. In addition, the administration heads and program coordinators in the college schools are professionally subordinate to the Academic Administration.

We look forward to serving you in any matter:

Ms. Bili Ganor, Director of the Academic Administration bili@kinneret.ac.il

Ms. Heli Tzivony, Head of the Faculty Unit helitz@kinneret.ac.il

Ms. Revital Golan-Yaakov, Academic Administration Coordinator revitalg@kinneret.ac.il



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