1. A process is currently underway to locate a suitable candidate for the role of the Kinneret Academic College on the Jordan Valley (Registered Association).
  2. Definition of the role: the College’s President bears the responsible towards the general council of the College as well as towards the board of directors of the College, for all matters regarding for administering the institution, including: all its level and quality; the college’s academic level; and fulfillment of roles by each authority and position holder in the college and association which are within the academic and administrative structure.
  3. The position’s designated commencement date is October 2022.
  4. The College’s President will be employed by the College in a full time position (at least 4 days per week) and the college will constitute her or his sole place of employment.
  5. Initial requirements (threshold conditions) for the role include:
    1. Prior experience in academic management of an institution of higher education.
    2. Professor of senior academic standing.
  6. The role requires high personal capabilities which will allow coordinating and create work liaisons with institutions, government organizations, Israeli and international donors.
  7. Candidates may submit a résumé up to 1 June 2022 in WORD format, ONLY to this email address: resum1@kinneret.ac.il

The submission must note “Application for the Role of College’s President.” The résumé must contain the following information:

  • General details/
  • Overall and academic education, including degrees, appointments and certifications (if any).
  • Public positions filled or currently being filled (if any).
  • Prior experience in academic management in an institution of higher education.
  • Additional information which the candidate assumes the may be of relevant.


  1. Applications which uphold the initial requirements (threshold conditions) will be forwarded to the Search Committee which will examine each candidate’s suitability for the role in accordance with the requirements and other parameters as may be defined, while relating to the future goals facing the next President, including realizing the College’s objectives, particularly the master plan as set by its institutions, including academic and managerial aspects, while advancing college infrastructures and all relevant aspects.
  2. Candidates found by the Search Committee to be the most suitable will be invited for personal meetings with the committee. On reaching its conclusion relative to the most appropriate candidate, the Search Committee will convey its recommendations.
  3. For clarifications and to convey details please use this email address only: resum1@kinneret.ac.il up to 1 June 2022.
  4. We recommend checking the college website for updates (if any). The Search Committee is authorized to periodically consolidate various issues related to locating and / or changing the parameters via a Call for Proposals (including altering the threshold conditions, providing extensions, etc.)
  5. It is hereby clarified that the search is not being conducted as a tender and Tender Laws do not apply to it. The Call for Proposals does not obligate the college to act in any manner whatsoever, and the college reserves the right to change any of the conditions and / or stages of the search procedure and / or all of them and / or halt the search procedure at any stage and appoint a suitable candidate without and / or despite the search procedure, based on its considerations.

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