President and CEO

Dear Readers,

Have you ever tried walking around a huge object that is present in every moment of your life?!

Studied for an exam while you wait to marry your chosen one?

Have you tried reading a theoretical article while your infant child sleeps safely in a nearby stroller?

To study with friends while you wait for an answer from your dream job?

These feelings, when your heart and your head are pulled in different directions, like a tug-of-war between the routine and the unusual, between the familiar and the unknown, between habit and the necessity for reinvention.

This has been the challenge when it came to writing to you about the year of COVID but not about COVID.

And yet, we decided, consciously, simply because the words written about COVID and the way it changed our lives from end to end seem to be brimming.

Yes, a revolution!

Yes, the world has changed!

Yes, a crisis!

And out of chaos and challenge, we must create a new and transformed world.

We, as individuals and organizations, must reexamine ourselves in the face of lessons, to fix, to perfect, to improve, to refine, to come out better and smarter going forward.

In this newsletter you will read about the many activities that we have engaged in throughout the year on our physical and virtual campuses.

You will be see how Kinneret Academic College has engaged in strengthening its value for you, our dear students, for our faculty for whom the college is home, as well as for the surrounding communities.

We have had many beginnings over the past year. The Chairman of the Board of Directors was exchanged, we marked a decade since the establishment of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, we were awarded strategic calls for proposals, completed the underground crossing connecting our campuses, witnessed growth and prosperity in the Kinneret Innovation Center, and there is lots more to come.


It’s thrilling to head an organization that has adapted and is able to maintain its relevance. It’s exciting to see our students soaring towards their academic goals. It’s exciting to see the mutual understanding, the mobilization of each and every one of the Kinneret Academic College members.

It’s exciting and satisfying to know that we have this type of organization.

Here’s to a productive and positive academic summer, complete with health and social resilience!

To Continued Activity and Success

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פרופ’ שמעון גפשטיין – נשיא
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מיקי לב – מנכ”ל

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