Not just COVID – the Student Union continues full speed ahead

Vegetable Garden Project:

We would like to share with you a success story that combines student initiative, college investment, and tremendous achievement.

In the southwest corner of the dormitory complex, behind the car park, is a charming garden for students, which includes a comfortable picnic area.

The place has become a unique and interesting gem, students use herbs from the garden for cooking or for making a salad, as well as enjoy the vegetation.

We, members of the Student Union, came to see the garden, met with the entrepreneurial students, and were very impressed by their work, and the willingness of the college and dormitory management to invest resources in this project.

We thought about how we could contribute too and take part in it, and noticed that the irrigation was manual. We bought an irrigation computer, so that during holidays and Saturdays the garden would receive water and the plants would continue to grow and develop.

In addition, we came up with an additional idea, to attract butterflies as pollinators to the garden.

We are interested in hearing from you, and to encourage student initiatives, and would be delighted to take part in them as well as to promote them.

National Mission Power Scholarships:

The Student Union took part in promoting and obtaining scholarships together with student unions from around the country, and today we are setting up action groups in order to enable as many students as possible to be awarded a scholarship to help with the financial burden.

Feel free to contact our social engagement department about this topic, and to participate in initiatives

External Relations:

We are interested in collaborating with other organizations and other companies so that we can obtain additional discounted benefits for every student studying at Kinneret Academic College.

Also, we would like to establish collaborations with authorities to promote social involvement.

Class Representative:

We strive to increase the number of representatives, and to create additional mechanisms for communication between students and the Student Union, so that we can be more synchronized and relevant for each and every one of you. The connection to the field is very important to us, and we invite you to contact us if you don’t have a class representative in the Student Union.

Also, students can easily contact us through the college app to receive answers.

Social Involvement and 2 Credit Points:

We are waiting for good news. A few months ago, we met with the college management so that we could allow students who volunteer in the student union to receive credit points for their social activities. We hope that the college will help us promote this idea. In most colleges, this is available, and would encourage more students to take an active part.

Social Networks:

We have increased the activities of the Student Union on the social media platforms. If you haven’t followed us yet, you will miss out on all the jobs postings, promotions and events we advertise.

The first official branch of the American Quality Association in the country:

We are pleased to announce another successful collaboration, and this time with the Department of Quality and Reliability and the Department of External Studies.

The college held a conference attended by a large number of students, and together we succeeded in initiating the process of establishing a student branch at an international level that would promote unique activities and connections with students from the UAE, Portugal, and other places around the world.

If you want to take part in the branch, feel free to contact us to get more information about joining.

Collaboration with Tracktoradio and the Department of Communications:

We invite you to also take part in the amazing project led by the Department of Communication and Radio, listen to broadcasts of which we are also a part, and soon a list of Kinneret student songs, with your favorite songs, and of course, your dedications.

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