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Dr. Goziker Oksana

Dr. Goziker Oksana, is a researcher in the field of business administration and a lecturer in School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Kinneret Academic College, Sea of Galilee, Israel. Her research interests focus on business management, tourism and the analysis of factors related to the food service businesses survival as well as their owners' behavior while interacting with customers, businesses and law enforcement authorities.


  • Shahrabani S., Goziker O., Teitler-Regev S., Perceptions and future intentions to stay in the hotel industry: the case of front desk employees in Israel.,
    African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Vol. 4 (1) - (2015) ISSN: 2223-814X
    Copyright: © 2014 AJHTL - Open Access- Online @ http//:
  • Teitler Regev Sharon, Oksana Goziker, Shosh Shahrabani, "Factors Affecting the Decision to Remain in the Hospitality Industry Among Hotel Front Office Desk Employees: The Case of Israel ",
    Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Management, ISSN 2328-2169
    September 2014, Vol. 2, No. 9, 364-375, doi: 10.17265/2328-2169/2014.09.003
  • Teitler-Regev S., Goziker O. and S., Shahrabani., "The Effects of Economic Crieses, Epidemics and Terrorism on Tourism." UTCC International Journal of Business and Economics. Decemabr 2013