Max Alperin Building

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Max Alperin Building

Architect: the late Arch. Amnon Gelfman
The building was officially opened on October 14, 1974.

The building was constructed with the generous support of:
The Max Alperin Family, Providence, Rhode Island, through the offices of the Israel Education Fund of the UIA;
The Ministry of Education – the Council for Higher Education;
The Jordan Valley Regional Council.

About the “firstborn” building

The Max Alperin Building was the first building of the college that was not a prefabricated structure.
The Alperin building was officially opened in 1974. To begin with there were two floors, and a third was added 16 years later. Twenty-four years passed until another building was officially opened, in 1998, thanks to the contributions of a large number of bodies which joined forces to help build it.

Building Designation

The building named after Max Alperin and his family has a total floor space of about 3,200 square meters. The building includes classrooms, lecturers’ rooms, and offices for the college’s administrative and academic staff, a radio station, and the college’s main auditorium, which has a seating capacity of 250.