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About us

Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee is an institution of higher education which offers bachelor’s degree academic study programs.

Academic Programs
The college offers a range of bachelor’s degree academic programs:
* The School of Engineering offers B.Sc. degrees in the following fields: electrical & electronics engineering, information systems engineering, quality and reliability in electronics industries engineering, software engineering, and water industries engineering.
* The School of Social Sciences and Humanities offers B.A. degrees in the following fields: communications, tourism and hotel management, behavioral sciences, and Land of Israel studies.
* Studies are offered in the following fields under the auspices of Bar Ilan University: psychology, criminology, sociology, political science, human resources, economics and business studies, education, management and organization.

The college maintains ties with industrial bodies in various fields, with a view to helping students and graduates find a place on the job market.
* Planned academic programs: the college intends to develop studies in other areas, such as: medical system engineering; audio and video and new media; medical fields; education and the community; organizational management and human resources; and economics and management.

The college runs academic preparatory programs and bagrut (high school diploma) preparatory programs, and also has a regional school for gifted and outstanding school students, a youth excellence center, and an external studies division which offers studies in a range of areas, such as hotel management and tourism, administration, human resources, industrial administration, computers, bookkeeping, languages etc.
The college also incorporates the following:
* The David Bornblum Chair for Land of Israel Studies
* Kinneret Center on Peace, Security and Society in Memory of Dan Shomron
* The Institute for Galilean Archeology

Human Capital
* The campus has a student body of around 3,900, of whom about 650 study on independent programs, about 1,400 take bachelor’s degrees under the auspices of Bar Ilan University, about 250 are on academic preparatory programs, about 300 school students attend the youth centers, around 500 school students attend the external studies division and about 730 students study in the School of Engineering.
* The students at the college come from all parts of Israel, and primarily from the north. The planned growth in the student body is aimed at students from outside the region.
* The college has high quality and varied teaching staff. The college attaches great importance to the quality of teaching and contact with the students, and operates a number of activities designed to support and advance these areas.

Physical Development
The campus contains six permanent buildings and three dormitories, and about 45 portable structures (total floor space of 2,200 sq.m.).
The college has a modern and well-equipped academic library, the Robert and Yadelle Sklare Family Library (floor space of about 3,100 sq.m.), with a large and experienced team of counselors.
The college has a laboratory infrastructure withlaboratories in the following fields: physics, electronics, chemistry and microbiology, quality andreliability, water industries, and communications (radio studio, TV studio, editing and sound studios) etc.
The Achi Racov School of Engineering has a total floor space of over 3,900 sq.m.
The Land of Israel Studies Center is located at the recently restored historic train station at Tzemach and was officially opened in October 2015.

Modern and spacious student dormitories were opened in October 2015

Developing the five year plan:
In the coming years the college is planning to construct three more buildings which will complete the development programs: a classroom building which will serve as an Excellence Center, Student House and the Humanities and Social Sciences faculty building. At the same time, based on research development at the college, construction work will continue on laboratories and research centers in various field of study.

Student Welfare
The college provides students with academic counselor services right from the registration stage. The counselors support the students until they complete their studies at the college. The Dean of Students’ Office is the main facility at the college which guides, operates and handles the full range of issues relating to student welfare, and helps students to successfully complete their studies.

The staff at the Dean of Students’ Office provides solutions in the areas of the Office’s responsibility, including scholarships, emotional support, help for learning disabled students, student accommodation, help for Arabic speaking students, help for new immigrants, Student Advancement Service and the Social Involvement Unit. The Dean of Students’ Office, in conjunction with the Student Association, operates a wide range of cultural activities at the college. The Student Association, which is elected by, and comprises, college students is responsible for entertainment, culture and social life on and outside the campus during the years of study.