"'Troops were then forced to fire': British army crowd control in Palestine, November 1945", Small Wars and Insurgencies, 20, 2 (2015), 271-291

In November 1945, British army shooting during street riots and search operations in Palestine resulted in the death of 13 Jews and the injuring of dozens. The most costly in casualties caused by army fire during the whole Jewish insurgency, these incidents have nevertheless not received detailed attention in literature on the British army’s counterinsurgency campaign in postwar Palestine. This article outlines British military use of firepower to control civilian crowds and the difficulties involved during these incidents, contributing to the debate on the army’s principal of ‘minimum force’. It also highlights the serious problem of legitimizing opening of fire on unarmed protestors, epitomized in the army’s fabricated account justifying shooting at a large crowd rushing a military cordon at Givat Hayim.

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