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Dr. Ytzhak Ben Yair.

The main premise that leads me in my research is that Religion and spiritual traditions have vast wisdom and knowledge designed to ease human suffering. In the last few years my research has been related to religiosity, spirituality, crime prevention, crime desistance and the social response. In addition I am also interested in research related to youth at risk and rehabilitation of prisoners. My research entails mainly a qualitative, phenomenological and hermeneutical method.


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  • בן יאיר, י. ורונאל, נ. (2018). קרימינולוגיה יהודית – רוחנית. בתוך ב. נ. חמי (עורך), דעיכת הרוח – ספר לכבוד פרופ' שלמה שוהם. הוד השרון, שערי משפט. (בדפוס)
  • Ronel, N., & Ben Yair, Y. (2017). Spiritual criminology The case of Jewish criminology. International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology, 0306624X17693865.