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Fields of Specialization - Members of Staff


Field of Specialization

Prof. Shimon Gepstein, College president

Plant biology: The role played by plant hormones in the development of plant ageing processes, agricultural biotechnology, genetic engineering for enhancing plant resistance to environmental distress

Prof. Zeev Drory,

College managing director

Prof. Drory’s research field is the history of the state of Israel, specializing in several areas: relations between the army and society in Israel, the ultra-orthodox sector, religion, army and society, relations between the political and military leaderships with regard to Israeli foreign and defense policies, both from a political science point of view and from and an historical aspect, the place of the state throughout its existence, the influence of the military leadership on policy decision making, guerilla warfare and terror in the 21st century, the reprisal policy on the 1950s, guerilla warfare and terror around the time of the Six Day War (1964-1973), guerilla warfare and terror in contemporary times, the 1948 War of Independence, the roles of myth and memory in the history of the state of Israel.

Dr. Yinon Heiman

Advocate, psychologist, criminal law, transport law, legal psychology, memory and eye witness testimony, cognitive psychology, criminology focusing on white collar crime

Dr. Yaakov Ashkenazi

The history of the Second Temple, the beginnings of Christianity, the history of Christianity, the early charge, pilgrimage and Christian tourism, monks and nuns in the Land of Israel during the Byzantine Era

Dr. Andrei Kodriavtzev

Financial psychology, the capital market, behavioral finance, microeconomics

Dr. Ofir Menasheh

1.       Environmental microbiologist

2.       Water and wastewater treatment by the use of biological process and implementation within hydraulic systems

3.       Bio-safety in laboratories

4.       Host-pathogen interactions

5.       The use of thinking patterns in gifted children education

Mr. Yigal Lerner

Newspaper production, Docuactivism Now, media and Internet content production, investigative reporting and interviewing, magazine writing

Dr. Amir Tomer

Software intensive systems engineering, model-based systems engineering (MBSE), development project development, software and system development quality management

Dr. Eyal Kurtzbaum

Environmental microbiology, water and sewage treatment, limnology, photosynthesis

Mr. Shar-El Davidovitz

Commercial branding, political branding, political marketing, copywriting, marketing and advertising

Dr. Yaffa Moshkovitz

Organization sociology, human resources, organizational change, leadership and management, organizational politics, organizational culture, political parties, Israeli society, political sociology

Dr. Leah Yaakobzen

Biblical law, ancient eastern law, the social-legal status of the mother in ancient Israel and Mesopotamia, the study of the family in the Bible

Mrs. Shukri-Hadad Hanan

Specialization in applied and deductive statistics, reliability and probability

Dr. Moshe Davidov

Service quality, complaint processing as an organizational profit center, customer experience, service rehabilitation, customer orientation

Dr. Yariv Itzkovitz

Organizational behavior, inappropriate organizational behavior stemming from inappropriate behavior on an interpersonal and managerial level (harassment and abuse in the workplace)

Achikam Ramot

Specializing in the hotel field. Hotel budgeting, costing and operating. Cooperation and regional tourism

Dr. Alona Shechter

Organizational synthesis, isolation and identification of natural substances, development of separation methods using HPLC

Dr. Sarah Parzanati-Mor

Law, intellectual property law (copyright, patents, trademarks, sampling), libel, privacy protection, communications law

Mrs. Kinneret Hassan

Motivation and implementation, learning, control, focusing and regulating, success and failure, self-aggrandizement, emotions, pedigree and interpretation, social, group and circumstantial influences, the behavior of the individual in a group, social motivation, social impediments, perception and memory, motivators of mental representation, cognitive inflections, social Gestalt, interaction between motivational and cognitive influences

Dr. Ran Sutzkverin

Syntheses of polymers (emulsions, reverse emulsions, bulk polymerization, copolymerization etc.)

Processing and preparation of polymers, composite materials and nano-composite materials.

Electrically conducting polymers

Polymer characterization techniques, composite materials and nano-composite materials (thermal, mechanical, rheological, morphological, electrical etc. analyses.

Heat and material transition

Separation processes (extraction, refining, vaporization etc.)


Dr. Ram Buchnik

Biology, ecology and zoology, as well as the archeology and history of the Land of Israel. Specialization in a research field that consolidates these areas, archeozoology

Dr. Eran Keter

Tourism marketing, tourism management, branding of cities and tourism destinations, strategic marketing

Dr. Yael Livneh

The business aspect of human resources management, personnel placement,  training and development, measuring worker performance, personnel motivation and preservation, personnel handling ethics, human resources system growth in the high tech sector, personal and organizational leadership, developing management and career management skills

Pedro Zuniga

Food safety in public dining facilities, hotel service and management

Mrs. Isabelle Tark

French for beginners. Oral and written expression. General vocabulary with the emphasis on areas of tourism

Dr. Merav Skar

Marketing strategy – mapping the current organizational situation, devising a strategic plan, focusing on marketing strategy, organizational structure, competitive dynamics and creating core components

Prof. Asaf Sukenik

Biology and biotechnology of algae, limnology  and the impact of algae on water quality

Dr. Hagit Freedman

The development of the nervous system – early assessment and intervention

Dr. Liat Birnhek

Chemistry of water, processes of treating water and sewage, preliminary treatment and complementary treatment of desalinated water

Dr. Muhammad Suaad

Society and culture in the Middle East. The Bedouin in Israel and the Middle East. The Arabic society in Israel. Jewish-Arabic relations. Women in the Middle East. Communications in the Arab world. Community and education.

Dr. Eli Goldstein

Privatization and deregulation of markets

Prof. Nurit Reichel

The (Land of) Israel education system (formal and informal) based on the career timeline of the educator, his training and roles, in educational philosophy and research

Dr. Ido Lieberman

Research methodology (postmodern society, immigration and social demographics), social research

Dr. Galit Klein-Lieberman

Organizational behavior and consultancy, quantitative research methods and entrepreneurship in Israeli biotechnology companies

Dr. Hadas Reiser

Climatology, climatic uncertainty, rain regimes in the Mediterranean and climate change