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Below, you will find many dining options in close proximity to Kinneret Academic College. From chains to high-end restaurants, we've compiled a list of 15 in the area offering various cuisines.

Marinado- Steakhouse, Barbecue, Israeli
Not Kosher
Location: Kibbutz Ein Gev
Phone: +972-04-6658555
Web: https://www.marinado.co.il/
Hours: Sunday- Saturday- 12:00 until the last customer

1910- Local, Italian, Mediterranean, European, Israeli cuisine
Not Kosher
Location: Kibbutz Degania Alef
Phone: +972-04-6608565
Web: https://www.tripadvisor.co.za/Restaurant_Review-g6510525-d5123949-Reviews-Restaurant_1910-Degania_Alef_Northern_District.html
Hours: Sunday-Thursday 18:30-22:30, Friday 18:00-22:30, Saturday 12:30-22:30

Rutenberg- A unique seasonal, local restaurant
Not Kosher
Location: Kibutz Gesher
Phone: +972-04-675-2237
Web: http://www.rutenberg.co.il/en/
Hours: Mon-Thu 12am-10pm; Fri - 10am-10pm; Sat -10am-9pm

Tzel Tamar- Israeli, International, Vegetarian Friendly
Not Kosher
Location: Kibutz Ashdot Yaakov Ihud
Phone: +972-04-9966226
Web: https://www.tripadvisor.co.za/Restaurant_Review-g297754-d2372309-Reviews-Tzel_Tamar-Lavi_Galilee_Northern_District.html
Hours: Sunday- Thursday 11:30-22:30, Friday-Saturday 9:00-23:00

Magdalena Restaurant- A meat and fish restaurant
Not Kosher
Location: Migdal Junction, Road 90, Migdal
Phone: +972-073-7027299
Web: https://www.magdalena.co.il/magdalena-en/
Hours: Sun-Sat 12pm-5pm; 7pm-23pm

El Rancho- A fish, meat, and South-American styled restaurant
Location: 1 Hakishon st. Tiberias
Phone: +972-053-809-4609
Web: http://www.2eat.co.il/eng/elrancho/
Hours: Sunday- Thursday 12:00 until the last customer, Friday 12:00-15:00, Saturday (from the end of ther Shabbath) until the last customer leaves

Pagoda- An authentic and beautiful pagoda that offers an indulging Asian experience
Location: The Lido Beach, Gdud Barak Rd. Tiberias
Phone: +972-04-671-0800
Web: http://www.decks.co.il/en/the-pagoda/
Hours: Sunday - Thursday from 12:00 pm until the last customer, Friday - 12:00 pm to the start of the Sabbath, Saturday - from the end of the Sabbath until 11:30 pm

Greg Café- A retaurant combining meals from all over the world and various kitchens including Italian, Asian, American, Balkan, Swiss, Mexican, Spanish and of course Israeli
Not Kosher
Location: Mall Kinneret, Zemach
Phone: +972-04-8111922
Web: http://gregcafe.co.il/
Hours: Sunday - Saturday 8:00 until the last customer

Ein Gev Fish Restaurant- A Fish restaurant
Location: Kibbutz Ein Gev
Phone: +972-04-6659800
Web: http://eingev.co.il/en/dining/the-ein-gev-fish-restaurant/
Hours: Sunday–Saturday: 12:30-21:00

Burgus Burger Bar- BBB is a chain- American diner-style restaurant
Not Kosher
Location: Mall Kinneret, Zemach
Phone: +972-04-8200928
Web: https://burgus.co.il/
Hours: Sunday- Thursday 12:00- 01:00, Friday-Saturday 12:00-01:00

Aldivan Restaurant - Yehuda and Roza- A restaurant that offers Meat, Mediterranean, Rural, Israeli, Eastern restaurants, Restaurant, Grill, Grill, Skewers, Pastas, Salads
Not Kosher
Location: Ilania Settlement
Phone: 050-809-2362
Web: http://www.misadot4u.co.il/sites/?restID=1070
Hours: Sunday- Saturday 12:00 until the last customer - The kitchen closes at 23:00

HaMigdal- Authentic Mediterranean restaurant
Not Kosher
Location: Alumot Junction
Phone: +972-04-675-0427
Web: https://he-il.facebook.com/pages/category/Restaurant/%D9%85%D8%B7%D8%B9%D9%85-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A8%D8%B1%D8%AC-%D7%9E%D7%A1%D7%A2%D7%93%D7%AA-%D7%94%D7%9E%D7%92%D7%93%D7%9C-migdal-restaurant-1049689495100757/
Hours: Sunday-Saturday 12:00-23:00

On The River- A restaurant offering Meat, Vegetarian food, Meat, Fish, Seafood, Mediterranean food
Not Kosher
Location: Yardenit Site
Phone: +972-04-675-9690
Web: http://ontheriver.rest.co.il/
Hours: Sunday- Saturday 18:30-03:00

Achla Tala- A restaurant offering Arab cusine, Rustic
Not Kosher
Location: Road 805 between Dir Hana and Elabun, Dir- Hana
Phone: +972-04-678-2443
Web: http://www.restaurants-in-israel.co.il/restaurant.aspx?id=21879
Hours: Sunday - Saturday 12:00 - 24:00

Shirat HaBasar- A restaurant offering Meat, Asado
Location: Kibbutz Kinneret
Phone: +972-053-341-1370
Web: http://shirathabasar.rest.co.il/
Hours: Wednesday-Thursday 18:30-20:45, 21:00-23:00, Friday 11:30-14:00