The Academic Council

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The Academic Council

Members of the Academic Council:

Prof. Shimon Gepstein – Chairman President, Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee
Prof. Abraham Shitzer Dean, School of Engineering
Prof. Sibylle Heilbrunn Dean, School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Mr. Gadi Mendelson Department of Energy, Gas & Oil Engineering
Prof. Avner Halevi Head, Department of Quality & Reliability Engineering
Prof. Hillel Nossek Head, Department of Media Studies
Dr. Yotam Peled Head, Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics
Dr. Yaakov Ashkenazi Head, Department of Land of Israel Studies
Dr. Meiran Boniel-Nissim Head, Department of Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Alon Gelbman Head, Department of Tourism & Hotel Management
Dr. Dorit Alt Head, Department of Education & Community
Prof. Ram Shpiner Head, Department of Water Industries Engineering
Dr. Amir Tomer Head, Department of Software Engineering
Prof. Zeev Drory Head, Department of Multidisciplinary Studies
Dr. Yariv Itzkovich Head, Department of HR Management
Pro, Amos Rolider Dean of Students
Mr. Gil Nissim Student Union representative
Prof. Hezi Israeli Department of Tourism & Hotel Management
Prof. Amikam Nemorovsky Department of Electrical Engineering & Electronics
Prof. Haim Aviram Department of Multidisciplinary Studies
Prof. Haim Ben-David Depratment of Land of Israel Studies
Prof. Nirit Reichel Department of Education & Community
Dr. Dan Aharoni Representative of senior lecturers
Dr. Riki Galia Representative of lecturers
Dr. Moran Shnapper-Cohen Representative of junior lecturers
Prof. Muhamad Akasha Physics Department
Prof. Moshe Goffen External professor
Mr. Miki Lev Director-General
Dr. Osnat Suued Academic Secretary
Dr. Niva Dolev Student Ombudsman
Ms. Smadi Melamed Library manager
Ms. Billie Ganor Academic Secretariat
Ms. Bat-El Chai Administrative Secretary – School of Engineering
Ms. Mia Ram Administrative Secretary – School of Social Sciences & Humanities

Council Authority and Duties

The council discusses and makes decisions on all academic matters, including:

  • Recommendations to the president regarding any amendment or addition to the academic regulations.
  • Recommendations to the president and, through him, to the general assembly and the management committee, regarding areas of teaching and research.
  • Recommendations to the president regarding new study programs and periodic changes in valid programs, including closing existing programs.
  • Determining study regulations.
  • Setting rules and student acceptance conditions.
  • Appointing the appointments committee, teaching committee, student disciplinary committee and other committees, including permanent and ad hoc committees, and delegating authority to them. These committees will routinely report to the academic council about their activities.
  • Setting study protocols, including protocols for holding elections.
  • Defining student rights and obligations.
  • Determining disciplinary regulations for student behavior and staff behavior.
  • Establishing regulations and supervising the awarding of certificates and degrees.
  • Setting rules and overseeing appointment and promotion of academic staff.
  • Supervising and advancing teaching quality.
  • Determining regulations and rules for advancing research at the college.
  • Setting academic policy in all areas of the college’s operations, ensuring the existence of appropriate academic standards in all fields, and supervising their implementation.
  • Approving the president’s recommendations regarding the awarding of honorary degrees by the college. The president may appoint an honorary degree committee with five members, which will act on the council’s behalf in this area.
  • Setting operational guidelines for the library and the computerized communications system, in order to ensure they appropriately meet the college’s teaching and research needs.

With regard to all academic matters relating to the Bar Ilan Division, the college will act in accordance with Bar Ilan University requirements.