A Voice from the Sea of Galilee…

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A Voice from the Sea of Galilee…

Press Release
July 29 2013

A Voice from the Sea of Galilee…

Youth Mission from the United States Hosted
by the Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee Radio Studio

Yesterday (Sunday) youth from the United States, the next generation of leaders in communities there, were guests of the Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee

The youth were hosted by the college’s radio station and took part in a special live broadcast of the School of Communications and Media. The session was overseen by radio station manager, journalist Menasheh Raz.

The youth came to Israel as part of a mission organized by the JCC, the umbrella organization of the Jewish communities of North America. During the three week visit to Israel the participants are meeting with Israeli youth who are accompanying them throughout their stay in Israel. The youth, who came from Milwaukee, Cleveland and New Jersey, are participating in the organization’s leadership program. During the special broadcast at the Kol Hakinneret (Sound of the Sea of Galilee) radio station some of the youth conducted moving conversations with their parents in the United States.

Menasheh Raz, the manager of the college’s radio station, noted that: “We agreed to the JCC’s request to allow a special broadcast to be made by the college’s radio station, Kol Hakinneret. The broadcast reception was excellent, via the Internet, there were chats between the youth and their families in the States, and interviews mainly based on their experiences during the tour of Israel, and the exposure they gained to the way of life here. There were also musical excerpts which excited the boys and girls during the broadcast.

“Their stay at the college, and their use of the Kol Hakinneret radio station, were a meaningful “station” in their schedule in Israel. These are boys and girls, aged 16-17, on their first visit to Israel. Many of them said they were very impressed with the college and even said they would consider the possibility of taking studies at the college when the times comes to make a decision about their next educational institution, after high school.

“The conversations with their families at home caused much excitement in the studio, and the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters on the other side of the ocean did not hide their own excitement. In addition to the moving personal subjects, there was great interest in the places the boys and girls had visited here and, naturally, in the quality of the food in Israel. The words: ‘humus’ and ‘felafel’ were a frequent feature of the conversations, from both sides of the Atlantic…

Forty English speaker girls and boys, in groups of ten, gathered at Kol Hakinneret for a broadcast of two hours. A team of the radio’s professionals, headed by our students Maya and Shir, worked on the planning, organization and production in the days leading up to the broadcast.

After the broadcast was over, the Israeli and American group leaders thanked the Kinneret College and noted the great excitement caused by the radio broadcast. For us, the experiment we carried out at the radio station yesterday will undoubtedly impact on the central role of the Jordan Valley in the tour programs of American Jewish youth, which are designed to reinforce their bond with the state of Israel.”

For further information: Sharon Sahar, spokesperson and PR, Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee – 054-6769356