Building the Future

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Building the Future

Today, our success in offering educational opportunity is palpably evident. Our graduates can be found working in industry and services in the cities and rural areas all over the northern periphery.
With limited resources, we have managed to create a community of scholars and professionals with a hands-on practical orientation, committed to the needs of the North.
In order to fulfil our vision of a vibrant north, offering a life style that combines the same opportunities that exist in the center of the country, with a quality of life provided by our magnificent landscapes, our college must grow. In that regard, the administration of Kinneret College has established an accelerated and ambitious plan to expand and develop.
The plan includes new construction to overcome overcrowded rundown classrooms, laboratories, state-of-the-art equipment and other facilities, and upgrading our existing infrastructure. It also includes expanding our research capacity and increasing our scholarship funds, so that we can attract the brightest minds, and never have to turn away deserving students for reasons of lack of personal resources.

You can help us!

Join us as a partner in donating to the following capital projects:

  • New classrooms
  • Student center

If you are interested in funding a chair of study or are interested in naming opportunities in one of our departments you can help by donating to one of the following:

  • Kinneret School of Hotel Management and Tourism
  • An endowment fund for research in the field of tourism and hotel management
  • The Department of Media and Communication
  • Kinneret Research Center for Peace. Security and Society in Memory of Dan Shomron (former IDF Chief of Staff)
  • Research grants for the study of history, archaeology and other fields connected to the historical legacy to be found in northern Israel
  • Establishing study opportunities in Water Engineering and Environmental Design at the Kinneret School of Engineering

If you wish to fund a specific program for young people the following are a few possibilities:

  • A pre-academic preparatory program giving soldiers, newcomers and adults a second chance to gain college entrance.
  • A program to motivate 350 gifted school-age children to pursue interests in mathematics, arts and sciences.
  • Scholarships for deserving students lacking financial resources.

A partnership between the Kinneret College and a friend of the College from the Christian Evangelical community.
In recent years there has been a marked decrease in the number of science and technology studies students at high schools in Israel, and a decline in their grades in national and international examinations (School Efficiency and Growth Indexes, Central Supervisor, TIMMS, PISA).
To date there is no building on campus devoted to services for the 4,000 student at Kinneret College. There is no place on campus where a student can go to relax, meet with friends, and get out to the sun or to shop for essentials needed to continue studies.
The new Library is a freestanding structure proximate to the Triguboff building. It combines a response to needs, with an inviting ambience
As part of the master-plan for developing the Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee. The land also comprises the area of the railway station in Tzemach.
With a student population that has grown to 3,500, Kinneret College aims to double its student population by 2015.