The Third Space: From Modern Art Gallery to Modern Art Museum in Umm El Fahem. In Emanuela Trevisan Semi, Dario Miccoli, and Tudor Parfitt. (Eds.) Memory and Ethnicity: Ethnic Museums in Israel and the Diaspora

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In the sixth chapter, Miri Gal-Ezer, basing her study on theoretical work by Bourdieu, Bhabha and Eisenstadt among others, analyses the divides within which the Umm El Fahem Art Gallery, in Northern Israel, operates. The author explores some of the processes that foster the success and vision of the Umm El Fahem Art Gallery in the context of contemporary cultural Arab-Israeli and Muslim-Jewish relations. Allegedly the first modern Arab art museum in Israel, the gallery operates as a secular cultural institution in a city of the Galilee inhabited by a Muslim majority. Umm El Fahem exhibits works by Israeli Jewish and Muslim artists as well as foreigners and Palestinians from the Occupied Territories. According to Gal-Ezer, the gallery can therefore be viewed as a promising space of cultural interaction and cooperation between different sectors of Israeli society (Trevisan Semi, Miccoli, & Parfitt, 2013: x – xi)

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