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Prof. Sibylle Heilbrunn: חבר/ת הסגל האקדמי במכללה האקדמית כנרת

Prof. Sibylle Heilbrunn

Curriculum Vitae
Area of Expertise Organizational Sociology

Sibylle Heilbrunn (Prof.) is Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. Heilbrunn is an organizational sociologist, specializing at the intersection of migration, multiculturalism and entrepreneurship. She is on editorial boards of leading entrepreneurship and management journals such as Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior and Research and European Journal of International Business. She holds a Visiting Professorship at the International School of Management in Dortmund Germany and is research fellow at the Institute for the Research of the Kibbutz and the Cooperative Idea at the University of Haifa and a fellow at the LEMEX Chair in Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Heilbrunn has received a number of awards for outstanding scientific work such as two best papers awards (ICSB 2017, EUROMED 2015) and the 2018 price of the Kibbutz Foundation. Heilbrunn has published many scientific articles and book chapters and is involved in a number of international research projects, she is serving as external expert in a ERASMUS bilateral program of France and Germany. In her role as Dean of Faculty, Heilbrunn is responsible for initiating and implementing innovative projects within the faculty and across the college.
Education BA - 1981-1984 – Tel Aviv University – Sociology & Anthropology and General Humanities (Excellency Award)
MA - 1985-1989 – Tel Aviv University – Sociology & Anthropology
Advisors: Prof. Jonathan Shapira and Prof. Gershon Shafir
Thesis title: The Crystallization of a National Interest: The Palestine Office in Action: 1908 – 1914
PhD 1995 – 1999 – Haifa University – Department of Sociology and Anthropology Advisors: Prof. I. Samuel and Prof. K. Bartoelke (University Wuppertal). Thesis Title: Corporate Entrepreneurship in the Kibbutz movement.
Teaching Duties at Kinneret College Research Seminar on Social Solidarity
Research Seminar on Solidarity in Organizations
Research Interests Social solidarities, solidarity in organizations, Entrepreneurship

Selected Publications • Heilbrunn, S., Rabin, N., & Rozenes, S. (2017). Detecting mutual configurations of applied planning strategies and performances in small and medium sized businesses with kernel based machine learning methods. Applied Soft Computing, 61, 1211-1225.

• Heilbrunn, S., Itzkovitch, Y. & Weinberg, C. (2017)*. Perceived feasibility and desirability of entrepreneurship in institutional contexts in transition. Entrepreneurship Research Journal, Vol 7 No. 4

• Kushnirovich, N., Heilbrunn, S. & Davidovitch, L (2017)*. Diversity of entrepreneurial perceptions: Immigrants vs. native population. European Management Review, DOI: 10.1111/emre.12105
Conference Presentations 1. Heilbrunn, S., Davidovitch, L. and Achdut, L. (2012) Social Cohesion in Israel: Differences between Migrants and Minority. Building Solidarity and Protecting Difference: Meeting Central Tensions in Contemporary Societies, July 3rd through July 6th, 2012 at Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus, in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
2. Scharf, T. and Heilbrunn, S. (2013) Flip-flopping between Margin and Center: Refugees from Congo in Israel. African Refugees: Challenges and Response of Israeli Society – Psychological and Sociological Aspects. Netanya College, 16.1.2013.
3. Heilbrunn, S. and Heilbrunn, R. (2013) The Institutionalization of Political Controversy as Reflected in a Theatrical Event. Cultural difference and Social Solidarity Network, July 2nd through July 5th, 2013 at Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus, in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
4. Heilbrunn, S., Gorodzeisky, A. & Glikmann, A. (2013) When Contact does not Work: the Case of the Ethiopian Community in Israel. Ethiopian Jews Following 35 Years in Israel: The 2013 Perspective. International Congress of the Society for the Study of Ethiopian Jewry, Tel Aviv University, October 1 – 3.