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Prof. Mordechai Aviam: חבר/ת הסגל האקדמי במכללה האקדמית כנרת

Prof. Mordechai Aviam

Curriculum Vitae
Area of Expertise Archaeology Education BA, Hebrew University, archaeology
MA, Hebrew University, archaeology
PhD, Bar Ilan, archaeology
Teaching Duties at Kinneret College Galilean regionalism
The Jewish village in Galilee and Golan, teaching campus
Corn, wine and oil, ancient agriculture in the Land of Israel
Reading in Josephus Flavius
Educational excavations
Research Interests Classical Archaeology
The Galilee during the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods.
Ancient synagogues
Roman temples
Byzantine churches
Tombs and burial
The Jewish village
Selected Publications Books:
Aviam M. and shalem D. (2019, forthcoming). The Land of Lost Twons – Archaeological survey of the Shomera
Aviam, M. (2005) Jews, Pagans, and Christians in the Galilee. University of Rochester Press. Rochester. 344 pages

Frankel, R. Gezov, N. Aviam, M. and Degani, A. (2001) Settlement Dynamics and Regional Diversity in Ancient Upper Galilee: Archaeological Survey of Upper Galilee. IAA Reports 14. Jerusalem. 176 pages.

Aviam, M. (2014) From Watch Tower to Fortified City – Forts and Fortresses in Northern Israel, from the Canaanites to the IDF. Kinneret Academic College. (Hebrew) Zemakh. 235 pages.

Aviam M. (2018), A Jewish settlement (Farmstead?) at the Summit of tel Rekhesh: a Contribution to Galilean History Between the two revolts. Eretz Israel 33. 1-8.

Strange J.R. and Aviam M. (2018). First Preliminary Report of the Shikhin Excavations: Production of Oil-Lamps at Shikhin. Strata. Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

Ashkenzi J. and Aviam M. 2017. The Jewish Elite of Sepphoris in Late Antiquity: Indications from Burial Inscriptions. Journal of Jewish Studies 68\2: 308-323. Oxford.

Ashkenazi J. and Aviam M. 2017. Monasteries and Villages: Rural Economy and Religious Interdependency in Late Antique Palestine. Vigiliae Christianae 71:117-133. Brill. Leiden.

Aviam M. 2016. Two groups of Non-Figurative Jewish Sarcophagi from the Galilee. In A. Killebrew and F. Gabriele (Ed.). Viewing Ancient Jewish Art and Archaeology: Essays in Honor of Rachel Hachlili. Brill. 1–16.
Conference Presentations 2017
International Symposium of Oil lamps in the Eastern Provinces: production, distribution and Art
Initiator, Organizer, chair of session and lecturer: The Art of oil lamps at Shikhin Kinneret College

International conference: The Art of siege and Military Architecture from the Classical Periods to the Middle Ages University of Haifa. Lecture: The The Rural Fortifications of Jewish sites in the 1st Revolt as a casus belum
Galilee Conference Tel Hai College The Synagogue at Tel Rekhesh
Byzantine Studies Association Hebrew University Jerusalem Rural Settlement in Western Galilee in the Byzantine Period Lecturer
Researchers Symposium — Galilean Archaeology: Research, Education and Religion. Kinneret College
Yodefat —Digging and Teaching
Initiator and Organizer of the Symposium
Academic Duties at Kinneret College Head of conferences committee About me Since 1978I am deeply involved in archaeological research of the Galilee. I started as a guide in the Meron Field School of the Society for Protection the Nature in Israel, for almost 15 years. Following it I worked for almost 15 years for the Israel Antiquities Authority, 10 of which I was the district archaeologist for Western Galilee. During 2010 I joined the Kinneret College as a lecturer and established the "Kinneret Institute for Galilean Archaeology". Until this time I also taught as an adjunct professor in 3 American universities for periods of time: University of Rochester NY. University of Miami FL, and Grinnell College AI.
I made dozens of excavations and surveys in the Galilee, among the studies and discoveries are 4 synagogues, 2 Roman temples, more than 10 churches, one fortress and dozens of tombs.
I initiated academic agreements with 4 universities and colleges in Europe and the US.