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The Alumni Club

The Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee maintains contact with its graduates.
To this end, the college has created an alumni club which graduates join on completing their studies.

In this way continuous contact is maintained between the college and the alumni, and between the alumni themselves. The graduates are invited to a wide range of activities that take place at the college, and enjoy participating activities that are specially arranged for them. The college also helps graduates to find work in their field of study. This support starts before the students graduate, in the third and fourth years.

The alumni club is managed by representatives of the alumni themselves, with ongoing support from the college. This helps to ensure the club is relevant, updated and pertinent for the alumni, and makes it possible to maintain contact over time.

The connection with the graduate is based on:
  1. Inviting the graduate to all the activities held at the college.
  2. Preparing the graduate for the employment market (by holding workshops and training, from the third and fourth years).
  3. Help with employment registration, inside and outside the college (from the third and fourth years).
  4. Holding conferences and lectures with senior professionals (spotlight days).
  5. Significant discounts for graduates continuing on to advanced degrees at the college, or to diploma studies.
  6. The possibility of offering the graduates’ relatives reduced rates will also be examined.
  7. Graduates will receive a Graduate’s Card which will grant them continued benefits which they enjoyed during their degree studies at the college (use of the library, photocopying).
  8. The possibility of creating a special graduates’ credit card.
  9. Updating graduates about activities taking place at the college (a newspaper published every few months).