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Student Life

The Campus:

When walking around our gorgeous campus, situated on the southern-most shores of the Sea of Galilee, one will see three main buildings –

The Alperin Family Building, constructed in October 1974, is a two-storied building with a third storey added in August 1990. It currently houses classrooms, a small auditorium (220 people capacity) and much of the College administration offices. The building is named after the Alperin Family of Rhode Island, USA.

The Triguboff Building above was built in 1998 as the Science and Technology Center. It features 3,700 square meters and houses most of the computer laboratories, the engineering labs, the science labs, the Communication Arts Center and the present cafeteria. The building is named after Harry Triguboff of Australia.

The Robert and Yadelle Sklare Family Library recently opened in October 2010. This state of the art facility offers more than 2,700 square meters housing 130 computer work stations, space for 200,000 books in open stacks, seminar rooms, multimedia rooms and niche area for study. The library is a resource to the surrounding communities in the Jordan Valley and Beit Shean in addition to the students of the College. The building is named after the Sklare Family of Chicago.


Prospective and current students at the College are invited to apply for one of the many scholarships offered through our Dean of Students’ office. The scholarships and grants are provided from the College's own finances and from external sources such as the Jewish Agency and the Partnership 2000 Program, the Rashi and "Shutafim La'Chinuch" Foundations, and many more.

Once awarded a scholarship, all recipients are required to fulfill community service hours in the region. These include coaching young children from disadvantaged circumstances during their school years, operating leisure activities for youth at high risk from drug-taking or criminal abuse, and highly-praised programs for volunteer work in prisons, hospitals and mental institutions.


Currently the Kinneret College does not have dormitories on campus, however students seeking housing close to the College may rent apartments in the surrounding kibbutzim through the assistance of the Dean of Student’s office.