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external studies

Kinneret Academic College is located in the Jordan Valley on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.
Our area is a pioneer in agriculture and leader in Israel in many fields: banana, mango, dates, avocado, citrus, dairy farms, greenhouses and open-field crops. We have 5 different packing houses around the Sea of Galilee, most of whose products are exported all over the world.
Our area has religious and historic sites where tourists visit from all around the world year round. Our farmers, together with the R&D farms, are dedicated to increasing production and financial income by developing modern agricultural methods, while at the same time, remaining true to their ideological and pioneering traditions.

We at the Kinneret Agriculture Training Program enjoy all the above mentioned farming and business facilities while living in one of the most beautiful areas in Israel.
Our students enjoy lectures, practical lessons in the field, tours and field trips around the country.
During the year of studies the students are exposed to a wide variety of crops, modern technologies and agricultural companies from different fields: Irrigation, pesticide & herbicides, seed production and more.

We are offering you the opportunity to increase your country's agricultural production and knowledge.

We welcome you to taste our knowledge and success!