The pre-academic mechina program

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The pre-academic mechina program

The principle objective of the pre-academic mechina programs at the Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee is to open the way to the possibility of higher education, and to make them accessible.

As part of the pre-academic mechina programs, which has been operating for over 28 years, students take a wide range of study fields at the end of which they are able to be accepted to academic institutions – universities and colleges located around Israel.

The mechina program is staffed by skilled and professional teachers who prepare the students and enable them to achieve excellent results in bagrut (matriculation) examinations based on individual attention.

The pre-academic mechina program also incorporates a study support facility for students, which is provided free of charge. This includes individual tutoring, remedial lessons and a personal mentoring project.

The pre-academic mechina program operates in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and the Foundation and the Unit for guiding demobilized soldiers at the Ministry of Defense, in a way that offers eligibility for study scholarships and individual living scholarships to students on the mechina program, in addition to the deposit funds.

The study tracks in the pre-academic mechina program include:

A dedicated social sciences and humanities mechina - this is a mechina for students with a 12 year school education diploma, which enables the students to continue on to B.A. degree studies at the Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee, without having a full bagrut certificate.

Pre-engineering mechina – the objective of the mechina is to prepare youngsters who are eligible for a bagrut certificate, who have been accepted for engineering studies at the Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee. The subjects taught on the mechina program: physics and mathematics.

Pre-academic program for people aged over 30 – this is a program for people aged 30 and over, who do not have a bagrut certificate, or who have a bagrut certificate with a low average grade, and who want to take a degree at the Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee. Course length: two evening sessions a week, over around four and a half months.

A mechina for completing and improving bagrut certificates - this is for people who do not have a certificate, or for those who have a bagrut certificate and who want to improve their average grade, so that they can take an academic degree course.