Address of the Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities

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Address of the Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities

The School of Social Sciences and Humanities at the Academic College Kinneret on the Sea of Galilee is continuously developing, moving into new directions, while at the same time adapting to the dynamic changing national and international environments.
The school's vision includes four flagships which together promote academic excellence and encourage accessibility to academia, thereby integrating our agenda of providing adequate higher education to all.

The different departments of the school cover the main fields of social sciences from diverse perspectives, reflecting the particular and the universal. The Land of Israel Study Department is the School's only humanity representative, again within its content relating to the particular of the geography and the universal of the spirit.
We aim to broaden our students' horizons, to promote creative and critical thinking and to encourage involvement in the civil space. We believe in social responsibility and therefore encourage engagement and commitment in order to improve society for all.

The College in general and the School of Social Sciences are at the forefront of the Israeli Presidents' project "Israeli Hope in Academia" and we are delighted to take part in designing one of the places where the many and diverse populations of Israeli society meet. Additionally, we promote internationalization within the framework of Erasmus (sending and receiving groups of students from abroad) and in research, with many of our academic staff members involved in international research cooperation. We try to provide students with skills which will enable them to compete in the increasingly complicated labor market of the 21rst century, promoting adequate learning and teaching methods. The school is embedded within the immediate local environment also – but not only – via the newly established "Innovation Center" which is located on campus and promotes economic as well as social entrepreneurship and innovation.

Combining these elements, we promote an open and tolerant academic space, where all people on campus are respected alike.
The School of Social Sciences and Humanities offers students unique study tracks and a superb team of lecturers who combine extensive academic knowledge with practical experience and engagement. As an academic community we guarantee our graduates a robust academic foundation when applying for advanced degrees at university or college level or integrate directly into the labor market. In October 2018 we will open the first two MA programs – one international and taught in English (MA in Tourism and Hotel Management) and one in the Land of Israel Studies.

All this takes place against the magical setting of the Sea of Galilee.
In the name of the academic and administrative staff of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, I invite you to join our academic community and become part of what we do
Prof. Sibylle Heilbrunn, Dean