Address of the Head of the Department of Communications Studies

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Address of the Head of the Department of Communications Studies

The Department of Communications Studies, of the Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee. The college strives to provide a dynamic and innovative study experience through study programs that offer academic excellence as well as professional excellence. The uniqueness of the department stems from the combination of knowledge and awareness of social, environmental and community issues, while specializing in communications studies that are relevant to the 21st century.

One of the department’s principal aims is to train our students to a high level of performance in communications’ work and activity systems. The students will be provided with a practical toolbox, along with theoretical studies and assistance with development research abilities which enable them to expand their understanding, knowhow and information in social, technological and cultural aspects of a changing world of communications.

The studies are based on advanced techniques and include the fields of new media, the press, television, radio, the cinema, public relations, advertising, image marketing and production. Each student is given an opportunity to gain practical experience in each of these areas. The program comprises theoretical classes, seminars and practical workshops. The study framework also includes conferences, events, joint projects and sessions with professionals in the communications industry.

The department’s teaching staff includes top lecturers in their fields, and communications experts with practical experience who also engage in teaching, academic research and creative work in the communications industry. We guarantee our students a productive study environment through individual mentoring and support in every field, in the unique tranquil environment of the lakeside location, against a backdrop of the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan Valley hills.

We invite students to join us and to enjoy the high quality of the academic and professional staff, the range of courses offered by our program, the warm ambience and the colorful and special student society that is characteristic of our department.

We wish all of you a successful and fruitful year of study.

Bes wishes,

Dr. Leah Mandelzis
Head, Department of Communications Studies