B.A. in Communication

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B.A. in Communication

BA Degree in Communication
The Department of Communication Studies at the Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee trains the next generation of new media professionals in a changing global field. The department sets out to offer a dynamic and innovative study experience through study programs that provide both academic and professional excellence. The BA degree in Communication studies combines knowhow, awareness and professionalism in topics relating to society, technology and the community while focusing on communication studies that are relevant for this age of the 21st century.

One of the primary objectives of the BA program of the Department of Communication Studies is to train our students to achieve a high level of operation in the practical communication systems. We provide our students with a practical toolbox in addition to theoretical studies and developing research abilities that expand understanding, knowhow and interdisciplinary information in a changing communication domain.

The Curriculum Structure of the Department of Communication Studies
The BA degree in communication studies comprises 120 credits taken over the course of 6 semesters, over 3 years. It includes guided practical experience in the various areas of the media industry, taking in 100 hours. By the end of the second semester the students are required to achieve exemption level in English.

The curriculum of The BA degree in communication studies includes:
Core studies in communication theory and research
A wide range of practical studies focusing on advertising, marketing, public relations and social networks, television and digital media
Guided practical experience in a wide range of communication fields and organizations

In additional to theoretical classes and practical workshops, the program also includes professional tours, seminars and conferences, and joint projects and sessions with professionals and other parties from the media industry.

At the end of the first year students may choose from two areas of specialization:
Advertising, marketing, public relations on social media
Television and digital media

Directions of Development and Professional Advancement in the Department of Communication Studies

A BA degree in communication studies prepares the students to work in the commercial and public sectors, as well as in a wide range of industries, institutions and organizations. The BA degree requirements include 100 hours of practical experience in the communication industry and in organizations connected to the industry. The guidance, mentoring and specialization instruction provide the students with an optional window of opportunity to integrate in the employment domain, in the range of different areas in the region, in Israel and around the world. Older students at the Department of Communication Studies are also provided with an opportunity to continue their studies to a master’s degree and a PhD at institutions and universities, and colleges authorized to grant advanced degrees.

Why take communication studies at the Kinneret College?

The campus of the Kinneret College offers studies a study experience supported by faculty comprising top lecturers in their fields and media experts with practical experience who also engage in teaching, academic research and creating the media industry. We guarantee our students a fruitful study environment that incorporate individual mentoring and support in every field, and all in the tranquil and unique ambiance of the shores of the Sea of Galilee against a backdrop of the lake and the Jordan Valley hills. I invite you to join us and to enjoy the high standard of the academic and professional staff, the range of courses offered on the program, the warmth atmosphere we provide and the colorful and special student experience in our department and on the Kinneret campus.

Degree Plus
Students of the Department of Communication Studies can benefit from unique enrichment which will provide them with an enormous advantage when they join the job market:

The television school of the Reshet company, headed by Avri Gilad, will train the students in the content preparation stream in: content editing, research and production etc. The students will work on developing ideas into a television program, shooting in the Reshet studios and editing. The students will also be able to participate in practical work, in the country’s leading TV productions from all the channels. The course offers entry into the world of TV.
A McCann-Spring Valley digital marketing course at Maoz Haim whereby the students will learn about marketing on social networks: Facebook, Linked In, You Tube and Instagram, promotion through Google, mailing and landing page. The course is suitable for anyone looking to learn how to market their business in the digital world, or wants to work in the field.
Social media manager, under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and Industry*
The course offers entry to marketing departments in organizations and companies, spokesperson and information departments, advertising firms, public relations, industry and high-tech, as well as offering entrepreneurship opportunities and working as a freelancer.
The social media manager will learn how to construct social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, You Tube etc., and to manage them and focusing on introducing content that helps to generate positive and supportive discourse about the brand in these networks.

* Scholarships and substantial discounts will awarded to students from the Department of Communication Studies of the Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee