B.A. in Communication

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B.A. in Communication

The Communications and Media degree study program at the Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee offers students the opportunity to acquire knowhow and gain exposure to a range of theoretical and practical subjects with a view to accruing experience in processes of creation, production and distribution of current affairs content, understanding media phenomena and critical analysis of the practical implications. This combination enables graduates to quickly find their place in the communications and media industry, in all its various aspects, and to continue on to advanced degrees.

The unique Communications and Media Department study program focuses on the connection between the media and the different issues of social reality in Israel. The program emphasizes the unique fusion between nurturing ethical awareness of universal aspects and social justice, and media activity to further these matters by means of theoretical approaches, models and research methods in areas of advertising, spokesmanship, new media and the Internet, TV and cinema, radio and the press. The studies are conducted in small groups which makes it possible provide each student with individual attention.

The department also takes this approach to study tours, conferences and other gatherings which focus on examination and discussion of the role and performance of the media in advancing social and environmental issues. In May 2011 the department established the Kinneret Conference for Social and Environmental Media. In this context the Kinneret Index was also set up. This focuses on the public's expectations of coverage of social and environmental issues, compared with actual coverage of these areas.

During the course of the studies the students are required to gain practical experience at media organizations. This provides training and an opportunity to specialize in the students' study focus areas. This experience serves as a window of opportunity to learn about employment opportunities in the field, and to continue to work in it.

The Communications and Media Department also maintains cooperation with a range of different parties in the media industry, both regional and national, which provide the students with opportunities to find their place on the employment market in their fields of expertise. There is also cooperation with the new McCann-Valley Advertising and New Media School, from the McCann Erickson advertising group.

The department's lecturing staff includes media researchers with doctorates and some of the country's leading experts in the various focus areas.