Address of the Head of the Department of Behavioral Sciences

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Address of the Head of the Department of Behavioral Sciences

Welcome. The lecturer personnel and I appreciate your interest in behavioral sciences studies leading to a B.A. degree at our department, here at the college, and we invite you to visit us, to enjoy the beauty of the Sea of Galilee, and to gain a firsthand impression of the unique atmosphere at the college, and of the studies which are of the very highest standard.

Behavioral sciences studies comprise the most comprehensive academic and practical basis for any student looking to engage and to develop in the human behavior professions. In the last decade, the field of behavioral sciences has become a very popular field at academic institutions in Israel and around the world. This has followed the recognition that human behavior, and all its causes and ramifications, is a part of all areas of life, from making decisions connected to career choices, a partner or a place to live, through to day-to-day activities. Behavioral sciences studies are suitable for people who are curious and sensitive, and who are interested in working with people, and offer an opportunity for professional development in a large number of fields, such as psychology, educational counseling, organizational consultancy, behavioral work and analysis, criminology, family therapy, mediation, human resources etc. The studies address the physiological, social, sociological and emotional/personality aspects as the basis of behavior, and include varied courses including emotional intelligence, memory lapses, gender studies and a wide range of applied courses in different fields. Behavioral sciences studies also include activities that take place outside the college which are designed to bring the students into contact with different groups, institutions and organizations, including: weekly visits to medical and other institutions as part courses that include field experience with special groups, and participation in relevant science conferences.

The curriculum includes courses and workshops that are required for advanced studies in different fields, including psychology, business studies, art therapy, organizational and educational consultancy etc. Our graduates can continue on to a master’s degree at any university in Israel or around the world, in fields associated with behavioral sciences.

The teaching staff at the Department of Behavioral Sciences includes leading researchers, who have been engaged in the field at various academic institutions for many years, and who have many articles and publications to their name. All have Ph.D. or are professors.

The Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee helps its students to find relevant employment while they are still studying for their B.A. degree. This enables interested students to launch their careers while they are still studying. We also operate a facility which helps students to find volunteer positions in the psychology field, for students who are looking to continue on to a master’s degree in clinical studies.

In conclusion, I would like to note that we are proud of the warm homey environment we have created at the department. This is an environment that places the emphasis on a personal and direct relationship between the students and the teaching staff. Our students benefit from a student framework of an academic campus and also from a warm and supportive environment.

Best wishes,

Prof. Amos Rollider
Head, Department of Behavioral Sciences