B.A. in Behavioral Sciences

B.A. in Behavioral Sciences

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B.A. in Behavioral Sciences

Professor Amos Rolider

About the Degree
This is an innovative academic program that combines the fields of psychology, behavior analysis, education, sociology and anthropology. The underlying concept of this program is that understanding human and social behavior requires addressing internal human and social elements, as well as addressing and understanding human antisocial behavior.

The Academic Program Structure
The academic program comprises 120 credits.
The program includes: mandatory methodological and non-methodological courses, electives, seminars and practical experience in the field.
The studies focus on the physiological, social, behavioral, sociological and human/emotional aspects of human behavior, and include diverse courses such as: The Biological Foundations of Behavior; Gender Studies; Basic Principles of Human Behavior, Emotional Intelligence, and The Principal Clinical Approaches of Behavioral Science.

Development and Professional Advancement Possibilities
The behavioral science studies offer the most comprehensive academic and practical base for any student interested in engaging, and developing, in professional fields of human behavior.
Behavioral science studies are suitable for inquisitive and sensitive students who are interested in working with people. The studies will enable them to develop skills in a number of fields, such as psychology, educational counseling, organizational consultancy, behavior analysis and therapy, criminology, family therapy, mediation and human resources.

The Academic Program
The academic program includes courses and workshops that serve as the basis for advanced studies in the various fields of psychology, educational counseling, human resources, social work, family therapy, behavioral therapy, art therapy and others. Our graduates can continue on to master's degree studies at any university in Israel, of abroad, in fields connected to behavioral sciences.
Furthermore, the program provides its graduates with tools and skills that enable them engage in areas that deal with promoting individual, community and welfare issues in many areas of life. These areas include the needs of the local community, HR directors, consultancy services, working with youth, senior citizens, education and cultural systems, strengthening disadvantaged populations and adult education. Integration into the welfare system is also possible, in places like hospitals, prisons and youth organizations such as ELEM (Youth in Distress), and in other welfare and rehabilitation institutions.

Why Should You Consider Studying Behavioral Science at the Kinneret Academic College?

* The teaching staff, led by Professor Amos Rolider, is exceptional, and attentive to students' needs.
* Individual attention is given to outstanding students and those experiencing difficulties with their studies.
* The study program serves as ideal preparation for further education in psychology, educational consultancy, organizational consultancy, family studies and sociology.
* Graduates of the study program can continue on to higher/diploma studies in the various therapy fields.
* The campus is located in the beautiful area of the Sea of Galilee, within a warm and welcoming community.