B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical and electronics engineering is a professional field which has a significant effect on all walks of life. The fact that electricity is the most widespread form of energy source, and that electronic components are the core of computers, and means of communication, clearly convey this.

Electronic components are the core of: computers, cell phones and all the other communications devices (civilian and military), cameras (for domestic use, for industry, cinema and satellites), and lasers for medical, industrial and military use. They are also the basis for medical appliances: imaging apparatus (X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CT) and robots for carrying out precision operations.

As a result, today electrical and electronics engineering studies incorporate a large number of varied fields of activity, and include different areas of expertise that largely differ from each other but also have a common scientific basis. In Israel there is great demand for professionals with a degree in electrical and electronics engineering. Graduates of the program can look forward to an interesting and financial rewarding position.

The lecturers at the Department of electrical and electronics engineering studies include professionals with a wealth of experience in industry and the academic world, who have accumulated many years of teaching and are fully conversant with the needs of Israeli industry. The lecturers excel both in the professional field in which they teach, and also in teaching. This is reflected in the high level of feedback the lecturers receive from the students. The classes are small, and both the lecturers and the administrative staff, who support the department’s work, provide the students with personal attention.

The laboratories are equipped with modern apparatus, such as the equipment used in industry, including an advanced laboratory for VSLI activities where the students can engage in electrical engineering studies. Most of the computerized content tools are industry compatible. The graduates are employed at numerous plants all over Israel, in a wide range of fields.