Academic Programs

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Academic Programs

School of Engineering:

B.Sc. degrees in the following fields: Water Industries Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Systems Engineering, Quality and Reliability Control Engineering.

Land of Israel Studies:

The College's location on the Sea of Galilee affords students a unique perspective of this subject. B.A. degrees in: History and Archeology of the Land of Israel, Nature and Environmental Studies in Modern Israel.

School of Communications and Media:

B.A. degrees in the following: Humanities and Communications, Film, Television, Sound, Interactive Communications.

Tourism and Hotel Studies:

B.A. degrees: Planning and Management of Tourist Sites, Entrepreneurship, Food and Beverage Management, Hotel Management.

Behavioral Science:

This new innovative program offers B.A. degrees combining Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology. Students are prepared for careers in public health, education, organization development and for industrial concerns and organizations.

Programs under the auspices of Bar Ilan University:

Working together with Bar Ilan University the College offers B.A. degrees in the following fields: Business Administration, Economics, Criminology, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Land of Israel Studies, Jewish Studies.

Non-Degree Programs

Center for the Arts:

Granting Diplomas and Certificates in the arts, the College offers the following programs:

Professional workshops, art history, computer orientated studies, art-instruction.

School for Gifted and Talented Children:

The College works with the Ministry of Education to provide 4th – 10th grade school children living in Northern Israel an enriched educational study program. The subjects taught include technology, science and the arts.

Department of Extension:

The College offers Diploma studies in the following fields: Business and Industrial Management, Tour Guides, Computer Studies, Education and Care-giving, Accounting, Electronics, Enrichment Courses.

Pre-Academic Preparatory Studies:

For candidates who have not acquired the prerequisites for academic study, the College offers a year of preparatory courses allowing them to achieve College entrance.