A Regional Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center

A Regional Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center
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A Regional Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center

The Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee is an institute of higher education based in the northern periphery of the state of Israel. The college’s goal is to develop academic excellence as well as acting as a catalyst for regional development. With a view to promote the region’s economy, the college decided to develop an economic company to lead coalitions of innovation.

Based on its approach of achieving a fine balance between academia and application in the field, the college views its academic personnel as inherent potential for business and research development. As such, it decided to form a regional innovation coalition to establish a financial and development economic company.

The economic company, in partnership with the Jordan Valley economics, is currently establishing an entrepreneurship and innovation agro-food center.

Center Profile:
The partnership in the center is based on an interface between the academy and industry.

High-tech companies and organizations will operate at the center, that will combine their activity with academic personnel, and academic knowhow and development. The Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee is a leader in the following fields of engineering: software, electricity and electronics, water industries, gas and oil energy, and quality and reliability.

The center will also operate a domain for promoting and advancing startup companies, as an incubator for innovation.

The center will operate from Edison Park will facilitates the establishment of an open domain which promotes innovation. Some of the center’s activities will take place at the advanced engineering laboratories on the campus (electricity, software, water and energy).

College students (advanced years) will work at the center, as well as alumni, professors and PhD holders from the college’s academic staff, as well as local engineers.