The Site of the Historic Tsemakh Railway Station

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The Site of the Historic Tsemakh Railway Station

The Center for Land of Israel Studies

The Bert Bornblum Center for Land of Israel Studies

In August 2015, after restoration and preservation activities, and adaptation to the college’s study needs, the Center for Land of Israel Studies was opened at the site of the historic Tsemakh Railway Station.

The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel and the Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee led the rehabilitation of the station and its conversion into a unique active academic historical site, which accommodates academic and non-academic studies, as well as a visitors’ center for the general public, which is due to open in the near future.

Kinneret College Campus (South and North) bird's eye view

The Center for Land of Israel Studies incorporates:
  • The Department of Land of Israel Studies – a B.A. study program in Land of Israel studies. The department includes some 100 students and employs top researchers in the fields of archeology, geography, history and the landscapes of the Land of Israel across its various regions and eras

  • The Kinneret Institute of Galilean Archeology – The institute engages in archeological research of the northern regions of the Land of Israel. The institute initiates excavations and surveys, the publication of academic books, conferences and seminars for the general public, and a monthly researchers’ workshop which includes archeologists from research universities and from the Israel Antiquities Authority, who discuss new finds and important academic research issues

  • The David Bornblum Chair for Land of Israel Studies• The David Bornblum Chair for Land of Israel Studies – The chair advances research on Israeli history, supports young researchers, and awards scholarships to outstanding students who assist the researchers. The chair heads a prestigious flagship project called the Synagogue Networking Site

  • The Kinneret Center for Peace, Security and Society in Memory of Dan Shomron -the Kinneret Center for Peace, Security and Society was established as an institute for research and study of reciprocal relations between society and various aspects of security in Israel. The institute’s fields of activity include economic, social, cultural, political and strategic aspects in Israel, and their practical implications.

  • Tour Guide course - This is a long-standing course at the college, which produces top tour guides in this tourism region of the Sea of Galilee and the Galilee. The program includes subjects that encompass all areas of knowledge about Israel and the required instruction methodologies. The course is open to local residents, as well as students of the Department of Land of Israel Studies, who combine the program studies with their academic studies, and benefit from special encouragement scholarships.

  • Uri Dvir Land of Israel History and Tour Study Room – the family of the late Uri Dvir donated Uri’s private collection to the center.

  • Lectures in collaboration with Yad Ben Zvi for the general public

  • A unique visitors’ center which tells the complete tale of the history of the “Valley Train”

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